Styling Winter Streetwear Outfits

When it comes to styling your streetwear wardrobe for winter, it’s not enough to be comfortable and stylish. As it gets colder outside, dipping temperatures make it necessary to layer up or risk hypothermia. Fortunately, modern streetwear styles lend themselves to solving this cold weather issue. 

How To Dress for the Cold 

When it comes to styling yourself for cold weather, there are three considerations to keep in mind.  

  • Cover: Most of the heat in your body escapes through uncovered places, which often includes the hands, arms, legs, and head. Accessories like gloves, hats, and neck coverings are helpful as temperatures drop.
  • Layers: Even if it weren’t for the impending cold, we’d be suggesting you layer up anyway. One of the best ways to create a distinguished silhouette in streetwear is to play with layers. Putting more degrees of fabric between you and your environment is also an excellent way to boost your overall cold resistance.
  • Dry: Staying in wet clothing can lead to complications in the long term. When you can’t avoid getting wet, synthetic materials like polyester dry more quickly than others. 

Your Base Layer 

By wearing multiple layers, you create heat pockets within your wardrobe to reduce heat loss. For your base layer, look for moisture-wicking fabrics like synthetics or breathable fabrics like high-quality cotton. 

The Tri-Blend Standard Tee is Daniel Patrick's effort to upgrade core wardrobe staples. The blend of cotton, polyester, and rayon gives the shirt a high degree of comfort while resisting moisture. A center seam on the shirt and subtle shimmer from the rayon content gives it a distinctive appearance.  

The Stadium Tee features raised embroidery of the Daniel Patrick name to improve its appearance as an outer layer. Heavyweight jersey material, locally milled, further improves warmth retention thanks to the tasteful thickness of the cotton fabric.

The Varsity Tee features a large, applique logo that stands out in its simplicity. The slightly oversized fit makes it a great piece to wear to complement other athletic gear in warmer months. In cooler months, the comfortable feel of the piece makes it the perfect base layer for a multi-layered outfit. 


Also of importance in any outfit is what you use to protect your legs from the cold. Once we get to outerwear, we also discuss pant separates that are explicitly made to match other items. 

Polar Fleece Roaming Sweatpants

When a fabric has “polar” in its name, it stands to reason that it will hold its own when temperatures start to drop. Polar fleece is lightweight and soft but mimics the thermoregulating properties that make wool so desirable. Unlike wool, the material is considered vegan thanks to the lack of animals in the production process. 

The Polar Fleece Roaming Sweatpants feature a relaxed fit and elasticized cuffs for a loose appearance. A cotton flat drawcord that effortlessly dangles below the knee and diamond Daniel Patrick label on the left thigh serve to perfect this pant. As a standalone piece, they can be paired with regular shirts in temperate weather. The sweatpants can also be worn with heavier garments for protection in extreme weather conditions.

The fabric of the material helps with temperature regulation and resistance to moisture, while the classic design ensures style. With eight brightly colored variations of the pant available, it has a place in any closet. 


Layering is everything. Below, we’re looking at competitive mid-layer gear as well as true outer layer pieces.

Roaming Cloak

The perfect outermost layer for streetwear can be easily taken off or put on and worn over a number of other layers. For this purpose, the Roaming Cloak fills an essential niche in style. 

On the style front, the cloak features drop shoulders with rib knit cuffs for a fit that’s snug where it matters. Patch pockets, a shawl collar, and a center seam represented on the back add to the overall aesthetics of the piece. Whether you want a subdued black, olive, or mountain blue cloak or a more contrasting red or camel, it’s easy to choose a cloak that’s colored to complete your wardrobe. 

Because of how easy it is to layer over a tee or a hoodie, the Roaming Cloak is a staple garment. Whether worn in mild weather or to complete an outfit for frigid weather, this is a piece built to last. 

Surplus Hoodie 

This oversized fit hoodie gives enough interior space for comfortable layering while aesthetically combining well with other pieces. The Surplus Hoodie uses a mixture of heavyweight fleece with a small amount of polyester for a slightly elastic feel. Here, ribbed knit cuffs and an adjustable cord at the waist make for an easily customizable fit. Heavyweight fleece allows for thicker layers and a comfortable feel no matter your situation. 

Try combining the surplus hoodie with the Roaming Cloak, as well as one of the shirts or sweatpants above. 

2021 Track Jacket 

For a uniform streetwear outfit, Daniel Patrick’s latest track jacket and matching pants have an eye-catching design. 

The 2021 Track Jacket comes in two designs, with similar creation fundamentals but wildly different aesthetics and function. Both feature 3M piping and zip-up side pockets split by a center zipper. The DP logo is represented on the pocket zippers, front left chest, and embroidery on the back panel. 

A nylon body is complemented by polyester lining, improving the warmth of the outfit. In addition, you can wear the jacket with a base layer that’s either visible or hidden, depending on how you zip up. This allows you to adjust to changing temperatures throughout the day.

In the Black Reflective and Silver Reflective model, a black body and silver highlights make the suit gleam slightly under the light. Whether you want extra visibility for practical purposes or to dazzle in the evening, this piece offers timeless monochromatic style.

The Red and Maroon version, on the other hand, contrasts a nylon scarlet body with corduroy paneling. Here, the bold contrast of matte cotton and softly shimmering nylon creates a two-toned silhouette. 

When it comes to the track suit, you have two choices. The first is an attention-catching, intensely minimalist design. The other uses the heat of dark and bright reds as well as the contrast of natural and synthetic materials to form a gorgeous blended appearance.

Parachute Track Pant V Cargo 

Directly matching the 2021 Track Suit is the Parachute Track Pant V Cargo, whose stylings immediately reflect the tracksuit designs. As is true to the name, this pant merges the streamlined design of track pants with the efficient design of cargo pants. 

The pant showcases 3m piping at the side and tonally different cargo pockets in the center of the legs. An elastic waist with waxed draw cord and adjustable bungee cords at the leg allows a personally tailored fit. The aesthetics are completed with a diamond-shaped rubber DP logo on the left thigh. Both models are made primarily from nylon, with nylon lining to maximize the quick-drying nature of the garment.

The Black Reflective and Silver Reflective Pant refers back to the similarly-named Track Suit. Primarily black nylon is complemented by white at the midsection, with the same reflective qualities suggested by the name. The Red and Maroon model of the pant integrates primarily white nylon but makes a bold trade. Here, the mid-section of the pant is made from maroon corduroy to reflect the overall visual language of the suit. 

You can choose to wear these pieces to form a whole track suit or as separates. Either way, the versatility of the above garments gives you plenty to work with in terms of layering.


During winter, most of your body heat escapes through your extremities: Your hands and head. We omitted feet because your feet are usually covered. Heat escapes mostly from the head because it's usually uncovered. For that reason, hats and gloves are both great ways to keep your temperature up during colder months.

Above, we listed a wide variety of multi-layered outfits to fit any streetwear style. Below, complete your outfit and protect your physical health with a series of hats meant to fit any type of weather, from mild to sub-zero.

DP Ski Mask 

The DP Ski Mask offers protection whether you’re shredding slopes or just looking to protect your skin and lips. Each mask is made from 100% acrylic, a material whose soft feel is perfect for headwear. Acrylic also makes a great heat-retainer, minimizing the effects of downward temperature spikes on your internal temperature.

This one-size-fits-all mask is the perfect companion to cold-weather activities. Black, olive, and copper patterns allow you to match any apparel. Bold neon orange furthers the possibilities while also improving your visibility. A diamond-shaped rubber label showing off the Daniel Patrick name adds an extra accent to this piece of gear. 

When it comes to mixing form and function, there are few items out there as useful as a ski mask.

DP Neck Gaiter 

While ski masks may offer the most heating benefits in the most frigid places, neck gaiters offer versatility. The DP Neck Gaiter can be worn as a bandana, facemask, and headband, among many other configurations. An adjustable red bungee cord and 3m piping add an extra degree of customization to the gaiter's fit. Meanwhile, DP design choices are represented through our signature center seam and a front rubber label.

The DP Neck Gaiter has models made from luxuriously soft polar fleece as well as a high-performing cotton-polyester blend. The latter combines the comfort of cotton and the moisture-wicking properties of polyester in a heather ash grey model. For fleece versions, seven colors along the whole spectrum are available for ease of addition to any seasonal outfit.

Neck gaiters offer protection from the elements without the extreme heat retention of ski masks. For this reason, they work perfectly as a stylish face protector in mild or medium-cold weather. 

DP Beanie 

Whether you want to cover your head or leave just a bit of hair peeking out, there are many ways to wear a beanie. 

The standard DP Beanie is made from previously-vaunted acrylic and features thinsulate thermal insulation. On the front is a softly italicized rubber racing logo featuring the Daniel Patrick name and two diagonal neon green stripes. This USA-made beanie comes in 8 different colors to add a bright accent or subtle finishing touch to your cold-weather gear.

Other beanies are available as well. The DP Heavy Beanie is built from thicker materials and comes in dark-toned fabrics which match winter fashions. The same thinsulate insulation and logo decal are present in a more hard-hitting performance design.   

Also of note is a reflective version of these offerings. The DP Reflective Beanie uses a blend of acrylic and polyester fabrics to maintain warmth while also boosting water resistance. Polyester lining helps make the hat quick-drying, and the reflective nature of the hat improves visibility in inclement conditions. Whether with subtly shimmering black or loud neon, safety and style effortlessly come together in this design.

Perfecting Your Winter Streetwear

Perfecting your winter streetwear comes down to adjusting your layers so you’ll be comfortable inside as well as outside. Within a single day, you may encounter freezing temperatures outside and interior temperatures in the 70s, depending on where you live. 

Thanks to the ability to match your streetwear, you’ll never have to sacrifice one iota of style in your search for cold-weather comfort.



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