What To Wear to a Comedy Show: The Essentials

Going to a comedy show is a wonderful time. The entertainment is excellent, the dress code is relaxed, and it’s a great opportunity to grab a drink or two. While most attention will be on the performer, there’s no reason you can’t look your best

Dress For the Venue 

Most comedy clubs lean toward the casual. Your jeans and well-curated loungewear will look right at home, but you do want to pay attention to your venue. Extremely bold outfits might be better suited to clubbing than the relaxed atmosphere most clubs naturally have. Some performance spaces like Radio City Music Hall may have implicit dress codes, leaning towards the formal. 

Do a quick search if you’re going to a new venue to gauge the general feel, and dress accordingly. Some places ban headgear, shorts, opened-toed shoes, or other articles you might normally wear otherwise.  


The old mantra goes that it’s rude to wear a hat indoors. This etiquette rule goes back centuries, and while the rules have somewhat, many still find the practice rude. In some performance setups, headgear may affect the ability of those around you to fully see the show.

If you’re going to wear one to a show, choose a tight-fitting hat that won’t obscure sightlines in intimate spaces. This includes the DP Reflective Beanie and any other brimless, closely worn piece of headgear. 


Two words: Layer up. Many comedy venues also serve food and drink, and these spaces are kept cold for sanitary and comfort purposes. A packed house is sure to be significantly hotter than a place operating at normal capacity. Layering gives you extra warmth, a more dressed-up appearance, and it’s easy to lose a layer if you get too warm. 

For your outermost layer, a jacket, Roaming Cloak, or cardigan should do the trick. Under that, a quality t-shirt will keep you comfortable without being too casual. A plain tee works just as well as a graphic tee here since most will be looking in the comedian's direction. Make sure to pair your colors well: A bold, warm jacket will pop more if paired with a complementary neutral or cool shirt. 


For your bottom layers, most articles of clothing that you would casually wear indoors are acceptable. A pair of pants or shorts that match your upper layers both work well. Assuming you’re wearing a jacket and t-shirt, try using a pair of sweats or Parachute Track Pants 2.5 to complete your look.


Dress your shoes to the rest of your outfit. If you’re opting for a fitted, casual look, sneakers or boots are equally viable. If you want to dress up jeans and tees, then a pair of loafers or oxfords might be more your speed. If the venue you’re going to is standing room only, be sure you’re in footwear that you can comfortably stand in. 


The right accessory can turn a great outfit into a perfect one. Watches and necklaces both present great ways to add subtle highlights to any outfit. 

Going To the Show

Dressing to go out always feels good, but the real treat is the show itself. Go out to make a statement, but understand that the real joy of the night is the performance. Even though a comedian does the same set multiple times, each show is unique and cannot be replicated. 

Once you’re ready, relax. When you look good for the show and have found your way to your seat, it’s time to enjoy the set. We at Daniel Patrick hope it’s a good one. 



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