11 Trendy Workout Clothes of 2022

Athletic giants become major activewear brands for a reason. Every person needs specialized, high-performing gear to perform their best, whether at a game or in the gym. While performance is essential, we understand that it’s also important to look your best no matter the context. Daniel Patrick takes trendy workout clothes to the next level, both in our individual line and our collaboration with Adidas. 

We’ve gathered some essential sportswear pieces to help anyone improve their performance and their style. Functional materials and luxury fashion concerns are both represented in some of the top workout apparel for 2022. 


Top layers are essential when working out. While going shirtless may work when running in the summer, most other activities demand various levels of coverage. We’ve gathered a series of tops from lightweight thermal gear to brightly colored designs that immediately catch the eye.   

DP Adidas Basketball Thermal Tee 

The first piece of athleisure gear we are highlighting is the DP Adidas Basketball Thermal Tee. This relaxed fit graphic tee takes inspiration from both aesthetic streetwear and quality athletic wear. The graphic of the shirt utilizes an embroidered DP logo, while the fabric gives the body a unique textured appearance. The Daniel Patrick name is also represented through a rubber label on the sleeve of the left arm. 

The texture of the shirt comes from the fabric, which is 60% cotton and 40% recycled polyester waffle knit. The fashion industry is notorious when it comes to waste, and using recycled fabrics helps us counteract this. Recycling materials reduces microplastics, water waste, chemical usage, and lowers pollution overall regardless of the fabric involved. 

Our collaboration with Adidas has been an extended and fruitful one. For this reason multiple lines of DP Adidas apparel exist with wildly different aesthetics. The DP Adidas Basketball Thermal Tee comes in three colors: black, light grey heather, and orbit indigo. Each colorway is enhanced by modulating colors of both the graphic embroidery and the ribbed neck. 

As the base garment of the DP Adidas line, this tee makes for a truly versatile layering piece. It can be worn on its own, over hoodies, or with sweats or shorts easily. 

DP Adidas Basketball L/S Thermal Tee 

Our previously highlighted tee shirt is also available in a long-sleeved format. The DP Adidas Basketball L/S Thermal Tee uses aesthetic principles but subtly changes them for a wholly unique garment. 

This graphic tee uses embroidery to present the Adidas Hoops logo on the front chest. The Daniel Patrick name is still represented on the left sleeve through our same rubber label. A guiding aesthetic mark of ours, a center seam, is found along the back of the shirt. This version of the thermal tee highlights the importance of the collaborative process. 

The piece features the same cotton and recycled polyester waffle knit fabric as the previous shirt. Waffle knit fabric does far more than simply add a distinct texture and appearance to a shirt. The fabric itself is woven into small squares, giving it a multilayered, waffle-like appearance. This makes the fabric comfortable as well as breathable, which is essential when working up a sweat during your workout. 

The DP Adidas Basketball L/S Thermal Tee also comes in black, light grey heather, and orbit indigo colors. These both feature a blue-and-black Adidas Hoops logo, while the latter features a logo in maroon and orange. A contrasting maroon neck and cuffs highlight the orbit indigo offering.  

DP Adidas Basketball Tee

The next article on our list of workout essentials comes from a different point in our collaboration and features boldly different visuals. The DP Adidas Basketball Tee pays homage to the eye-catching qualities of tunnel walk culture through the eye-popping hazy yellow fabric. 

The tunnel walk is not a new trend. When athletes are in a game, they wear the same uniform. Before and after games, walking into and out of the stadium, they are given a chance to express their own style. When the NBA instituted a dress code for players, it forced them to find new ways to express their aesthetics. This has led to some players being known for their bold attire, a movement that we seek to embody here.

The DP Adidas Basketball Tee uses a tonal Daniel Patrick name graphic embroidered on the chest. A black-and-white nameplate rubber logo on the sleeve offers a pop of accentuation highlighted by its contrast to the primary color. The cotton jersey fabric of the piece absorbs moisture without becoming saturated easily while also being soft and subtly elastic. 

This particular garment is built to match with the DP Adidas Shorts, highlighted below.  


Sweats, bike shorts, and gym shorts offer some of the greatest versatility of any gym clothes. The included offerings continue the aesthetics of the lines previously mentioned. Practical mesh fabrics and sweats to keep you comfortable in any game or weather are both explored below. 

DP Adidas Basketball Mesh Shorts 

No list of the trendiest, best workout clothes is complete without an effective pair of mesh shorts. The DP Adidas Basketball Mesh Shorts brings luxury aesthetics to one of the most casual and most effective athletic garments. The gym shorts are designed from 100% recycled polyester to reduce environmental impact and maximize the shorts’ range of motion with high-performance fabrics. 

The shorts feature an Adidas sports logo on the front, with their signature three stripe pattern on the back. The back of the short also features a rubber Daniel Patrick applique and an additional, tonal Adidas logo along the waist. An elastic waist and contrast-colored front pocket seams merge with curved seams in the short for a distinguished silhouette. 

The three different colorways diverge in aesthetics like no other article on this list. The light grey offering features cobalt contrast along the waist, Adidas logo, and pocket seam in an otherwise tonal design. The black design uses these contrasts, as well as white contrast seams and cobalt Adidas stripes. The orbit indigo design has by far the most distinctive appearance.

This short has a white waist, with a contrasting orange drawcord, pocket seams, and Adidas stripes. White contrast seams flank maroon mesh paneling. 

Whichever colorway is chosen, these mesh shorts showcase quality in all aspects that an athletic short can. 

DP Adidas Basketball Thermal Stripes Sweatpant

For full-body coverage, sweatpants with pockets offer protection and comfort to any athlete. The DP Adidas Basketball Thermal Stripes Sweatpant features elastic ankles and a contrasting elasticized waist. The collaboration is immediately visible through two contrasting embroideries, Adidas on the left leg and Daniel Patrick on the right. Though the pant is primarily french terry, the Adidas three stripes are presented in waffle-knit along the outside. 

The pants are highlighted by a black-tipped drawcord that matches the waist in two colorways but contrasts in indigo. The tonal indicators of the DP Adidas Basketball Thermal Stripes Sweatpant reflect other articles in the Thermal Stripes line. The black and light grey heather pants feature cobalt highlights, while orange and maroon complete orbit indigo.

The medium weight of the pants french terry makes it great when working out and highly comfortable as loungewear. The piece perfectly matches with any Thermal Stripes Tee and the Thermal Stripes Hoodie. 

DP Adidas Basketball Shorts 

We return to the world of bold, highly saturated colors with the DP Adidas Basketball Shorts. This relaxed fit mesh short is constructed from recycled polyester to continue the fabric themes of the line. 

An Adidas tonal logo is present on the left leg, with three stripes on the outseam to contrast the mesh. The Daniel Patrick name is tonally embroidered in full along the right leg. The elastic waist helps present the small bits of color contrast, with black eyelets and a black-capped cotton drawcord. 


In fashion and in sport, layering is essential. The perfect sweatshirt can complete a chic activewear outfit for stylistic purposes and keep you warm on a practical front. Mid and outer layers are both included as we apply our high standards for function and fashion to these pieces. 

DP Adidas Basketball Hoodie 

Whether worn as a layering garment or as a solo piece, hoodies are a great way to make a style statement. This is especially true of the DP Adidas Basketball Hoodie, whose hazy yellow highlights both matte and shimmering fabrics. This relaxed-fit hoodie is 100% cotton, with black velour hood lining for added comfort. It pairs well with t-shirts and other articles in the DP Adidas Basketball line, especially our DP Adidas Basketball Anorak. 

The Adidas logo is represented here in a tonally embroidered chest logo and three shimmering stripes. These stripes run from the shoulders down to the rib-knit cuffs. The kangaroo pouch of the hoodie uses a center seam, our personal staple. 

DP Adidas Basketball Thermal Stripes Bungee Hoodie 

There are plenty of ways to upgrade a standard hoodie for maximum aesthetic appearance. The DP Adidas Basketball Thermal Stripes Bungee Hoodie showcases a few ways this can be done. An exactly placed center seam runs along the back of the hood and the body of the garment itself. 

The body of this relaxed fit hoodie is made from highly versatile cotton french terry. An Adidas three-stripe design runs along the outside of each sleeve in contrasting waffle knit. The Daniel Patrick rubber logo is present on the top of the hood, with a back tonal Adidas name logo. Mesh lining on the hood adds to the texture of the garment and the way it looks off the head. 

The hoodie gets its name from the contrast bungee cord and adjustable waist of the garment. This subtle accent allows for a personalized fit while also adding a sleek highlight to the piece. Each DP Adidas Basketball Thermal Stripes Bungee Hoodie has its accents changed to match its particular colorways. 

The black hoodie uses a blue Adidas chest graphic and a blue bungee cord and waist. This color combination also holds true with the light grey heather hoodie. A silver waist contrasts an orange Adidas graphic and bungee cord in orbit indigo. The last of these has a maroon hood that contrasts with the cool-colored body of the piece. 

Carefully chosen contrasts and design choices which allow a tailored silhouette are two small ways the DP Adidas Basketball Thermal Stripes Bungee Hoodie sets itself apart. The garment goes well with the same lines’ sweatpants for an outfit that maximizes performance and aesthetics. 

DP Adidas Basketball Anorak 

The outermost layer on anything on this list is the DP Adidas Basketball Anorak. Anoraks are known for how well they wear under inclement conditions, and our offering is no different. This piece sets itself aside from other Anoraks for the way its bold color emphasizes status as a fashion garment. 

Three stripes down the center create a logo that serves as an aesthetic highlight. Our rubber stamp on the left chest and a tonal Adidas logo on the back continue this theme. Bungee cords are seen throughout the DP Adidas Anorak for a versatile fit on the hem and sleeves. A front zip pocket allows easy storage for personal effects during your workout. 

The material of the anorak also creates a highly functional design. The piece is made from 86% recycled polyester and 14% woven polyester ripstop. Polyester adds much-needed elasticity to any performance garment, while ripstop is a parachute-grade material used to significantly increase garment durability.

This piece is designed for comfort as much as it is for performance, thanks to the sleek mesh lining. The Anorak can be worn on its own or layered with any number of shirts or hoodies.   


The above pieces may be high-quality at a fair price point, but they alone do not complete an outfit. The right additional piece can help give an extra boost exactly where you need it. The last two entries in our list of workout gear include pieces to give your wardrobe one extra enhancement. 

DP Adidas Basketball Sock 

No matter the rest of your workout attire, socks are essential. The DP Adidas Basketball Sock is designed from the ground up to be a competitively stylish sock. A classic black appearance is enhanced thanks to a mixture of cotton, polyester, and elastane to improve comfort and movement. 

These mainly black socks feature some white highlights in the form of a white cap and Adidas logo at the toe. Three stripes along the back and the Daniel Patrick name along the front highlights the two who made this entire line possible. 

Socks are a basic item. Because of this, a high-quality version can make an outsized impression.

DP Adidas Basketball Hat 

Plenty of sports can benefit from specialized headwear. Caps with visors can help keep intense sunlight and light precipitation from the face. The DP Adidas Basketball Hat is made for those who wear hats to better a workout or for the style of it. This six-panel cap features Adidas logo elements on the front and the Daniel Patrick name on the back. A velcro closure presents a subtly simplified appearance in the back.

The DP Adidas Basketball Hat is made of moisture-wicking fabric and has a UV factor of 50. This well-exceeds SPF 30, which is recommended for extended outdoor use. The sheer versatility of black makes it easily paired with any of the other garments discussed today.

Powering Your Workout 

It takes more than good gear to get a good workout, regardless of the retailer. Repetition, proper diet, and form all matter in the final analysis. With the right supporting attire, though, some of these become easier. The proper tank, tennis shoes, or shorts can help you on your athletic mission.

The best aspect about trendy workout clothes is that they work outside of the gym, too. The above pieces offer medium support where it counts, whether it be at the height of physicality or daily social events. 



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