Track Pants in Men’s Athleisure

Athleisure used to be a dirty word. It summoned images of pseudo-athletes and drew ire for a perceived casualty. Now, comfort is king. Athleisure challenges rigid formality and shows that fashion can be functional as well. 

Few staples are as prominent in men’s athleisure as the track suit. This piece of gear has a history going back nearly a century and has been represented in every fashion sphere. Here, we’ll be highlighting the suit in the world of menswear before going into a few specially designed track pants. 

Track Suit Origins 

The track suit first appeared in the 1930s, marketed by a French sportswear company as “the Sunday suit.” This name reveals athletic apparel's cultural place at that time: Only to be worn when used for its practical purpose. The Sunday suit existed as a way for athletes to keep warm while still exercising. 

Decades later, a company we’re very familiar with by the name of Adidas presented their own tracksuit. Because of a collaboration with German footballer Franz Beckenbauer, this particular piece may have had more football associations than track. This marked the first time the track suit was presented as an evergreen piece of clothing rather than sports gear. 

Despite athleticwear becoming more widespread by the 1960s and 70s, it wasn’t yet a part of popular culture. Music would change that.

Track Suit to Hip Hop to High Fashion 

Track suits saw use among hip hop artists and dancers in the 1980s for a few core reasons: They looked good, and their specific fit allowed for easy dancing, breakdancing in particular. By the 2010s, individual luxury designers and fashion houses alike would take note of the market for tracksuits and create their own offerings. 

The trajectory of the track suit is one it shares with much of sportswear. It starts as a pure athletic garment. Eventually, it gets picked up by popular subcultures and becomes more commonplace. Today it’s been picked up by designers everywhere from the streets to haute couture. 

Now that the history of the track suit has been explored, it’s time to get into what makes them special. Below, we’ve got a wide variety of suits to fit nearly any aesthetic.

Classic Parachute Track Pant 

We start our examination with the Classic Parachute Track Pant. These relaxed-fit track pants bring an understated silhouette with subtle highlights designed to make them stand out from others. Its status as a classic is merited by the fact that its style defines Daniel Patrick as a brand. This pant is just one of several items in the classics collection, including the matching Classic Anorak.

The pant itself is sleekly black, with a single white stripe along the outseam. A rubber applique Daniel Patrick logo subtly highlights the thigh in black, white, and neon green. Two zip pockets at the front and back keep your personal effects secure while adding a bit of visual flair. Adjustable bungee cords at the ankles make for a fit easily tailored to any outfit. 

The overall impression of the pant is tied together by an elastic waist and waxed draw cord. Lightweight polyester microfiber with full lining completes this piece in both form and function.

Parachute Track Pant II 

The next update to the track pant line, the Parachute Track Pant II is a limited-run re-issue that’s made-to-order. The visual highlight of the garment is contrasting stripes running along the outside and the shin of the leg. A black elastic waist and white drawcord dangling just above the diagonal contrast stripe seeks to highlight its presence. Polyester microfiber provides great performance value, while full lining gives comfort to the pant.

Further continuing the stylistic language of the piece are zip pockets on the front and back, offering style and protection. An additional 10’’ matte zipper at the base allows for an adjustable tapered leg.  

Both the red and cobalt primary-colored pants feature black side stripes and a white contrast stripe across the leg. The black primary pant features a blue stripe along the leg and a white contrast stripe across it. The wheat primary uses a black side stripe and a splash of red across the shin of the pant.

Because of the nature of the re-issue of the Parachute Track Pant II, all of the above colorways are exclusive. While subsequent pant designs may take inspiration from this design, they will not perfectly resemble it.

Snap Track Pant 

This next garment fits like no other on this list, thanks to unique design choices. The Snap Track Pant gets its name from the snaps that run along each leg. 

Here a hidden drawcord and contrasting black waist lead to a slimming silhouette along the waist. We can also proudly state that each garment, as with most of our line, is handmade in downtown LA.

The primary part of these polyester double knit pants is red, with white detailing featuring the DP name. On each leg, thick vertical white stripes highlight the black snaps as well as the black DP name. Black along the waist and zip pockets completes the visuals of the article.

Our Snap Track Pant carefully integrates bold and conservative design elements to create a comfortable, high-performance pant.

Parachute Track Pant 2.5 

This pant exists as an immediate update to our previous popular Track Pant II. The Parachute Track Pant 2.5 subtly updates the silhouette of the prior pant while being available in different colorways. Each colorway features a black elastic waist, stripe along the outseam, and additional contrast stripe running diagonally on the shin. Fully lined polyester microfiber makes a smooth, highly water-resistant pant. 

Bright colorways are contrasted by the blackout DP sport label, as well as a waxed, black-capped draw cord. A 10’’ matte zipper and front and back zip pockets offer a one-of-a-kind track pant figure. 

The black and ivory model uses a black primary color and all-ivory stripes, whereas every other model uses black side stripes. The stripe along the shin is white in the hunter green, wildflower pink, red, yellow, and cobalt primary colorways. In the wheat and black and red pant, a wheat primary is contrasted by black stripes and red shin stripes.

Parachute Track Pant V Cargo

The Parachute Track Pant V Cargo comes as the latest update to our Classic Track Pant. The aesthetics of track pants meet the casual comfort of our cargo pants in this fusion of style. This versatile pant comes in multiple styles with different fabrics and variable purposes.

Both versions feature 3m piping along the side and adjustable cords at the ankle for a uniquely tapered appearance. Also highlighted are cargo pockets at the knee, along with a contrasting panel. A waxed drop cord coming from the elastic waist dangles just below the aforementioned contrast panel. A diamond-shaped Daniel Patrick logo on the left thigh showcases the pedigree of the pant.

The first model of this garment is the Black Reflective and Silver Reflective piece. The piece is made of reflective nylon, perfect for catching the light whether running at night or going out anytime. The main portion of the pant is black with silver contrast at the knees. The entire garment also features a nylon lining and pairs with the 2021 Track Jacket.

The other version, Red and Maroon, trades glimmering monochrome for a red-tinged, matte appearance. The primary red segment and interior lining of the pant are made from nylon, but the contrast panel isn’t. Instead, the pant features corduroy cargo pockets to create a two-toned appearance between organic and synthetic fabrics. As with the other model, the pant is designed to match the Red and Maroon 2021 Track Jacket.

Versions of the Parachute Track Pant V Cargo also exist as part of our moving mountain collection. Black matte nylon is paired with contrast panels in sea foam, dust, and purple haze for maximum personability. 

Slim Track Pant 

The Slim Track Pant bears some design similarities to the Snap Track Pant, with a more classic appearance. Each pant is made from double knit polyester, designed for a slimming, fitted style.

Rear zip pockets exist to provide an extra dash of style and protection during activity. Tape detailing with the Daniel Patrick name runs along each leg to give each version a two-toned appearance. A contrasting black waist and ankle, as well as a natural waxed drawcord, further emphasizes these differences. 

The type of highlight these additional details offer depends on the colorway of the pant. In the Yellow and Black model, black tape and other contrast details create sheer contrast with two primary colors. The Red and Ivory version has a softer distinction between the pant design elements. This is thanks to a black waist and ankle as well as ivory tape detail running up each leg.   

2020 Parachute Track Pant

More than any other pant in this list, the 2020 Parachute Track Pant is tied to our moving mountain collection. This line takes inspiration from the world around us, specifically our familiar locale of Los Angeles. From an aesthetic standpoint, smog greys, chemtrails, and other environmental factors inform the visuals of the piece. From a practical standpoint, the line takes heavy cues from the athletic side of streetwear. 

These relaxed-fit pants feature 3m piping on the side as well as an adjustable bungee cord at the ankle. A natural waxed drawcord and contrasting rubber sport logo work together to form a recognizable and cutting silhouette. 

Lightweight nylon makes the piece comfortable in any context, while full lining adds to this as well as overall durability. The sea foam model offers a pale, colorful appearance, while smog grey presents a more casual, subdued color. Regardless of preference, luxury material and intricate design make both models stand out. 

Parachute Track Pant IV 

This update to the line emphasizes the parachute in its name, with a carefully tailored fit, among other features. The Parachute Track Pant IV is also featured in multiple colorways that utilize differing materials for starkly different appearances. 

Despite their differences, all versions of the pant feature the DP name on the thigh-placed rubber racing logo. A tuxedo racing stripe side panel and zipper at the ankles of each leg allow for a unique variable appearance. A like-colored elastic waist is contrasted by a natural waxed drawcord which highlights the color of the pant. 

The wildflower pink and coral Parachute Track Pant IVs are made from polyester and lined with nylon. This gives it a quick-drying function as well as a stylishly gleaming impression under intense light.

With the onset of cooler months approaching, the black polyester polar fleece model makes a compelling argument for your closet. On a visual level, the matte appearance primes it for versatility and subtlety. The material itself is what sets it apart from the others in this line. 

Polar fleece is a synthetic fabric that mimics wool’s beneficial properties with none of the moral complexity involved. The material is both lightweight and soft and, most importantly, provides warmth when needed. This property makes it superior to almost any other synthetic when it comes to winter use.

The Parachute Track Pant IV is a competitive update in our ever-popular line. This piece will perform its best whether you are going for pure style or cold-weather protection.

Our Track Pants 

Track pants may have started as pure athletic wear, but today you can wear them anywhere. As an admirer of the sporty side of streetwear, Daniel Patrick knows that there will always be a place for quality tracksuits. Whether improving classic designs or going forward in our own direction, we’ll be sure to continue our exacting standards for quality.



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