Three Stripes Life

A couple of years ago, having the opportunity to form a partnership with Adidas was a dream come true for me. I grew up playing Rugby League in Australia and even went to a sports specific high school in Sydney’s south. So sports was a big part of my life, and Adidas was my go-to choice for gear. I grew up idolizing David Beckham, who I feel actually inspired me a lot to get into fashion and sparked my basic purpose in life to do so. The way Becks carried himself off the pitch as well as on it style-wise was something that inspired me and still does to this day. He was a big Adidas Predator guy, and I am not too embarrassed to say that I wanted to be like him, as most kids growing up can attest to wanting to be like their idols. Another guy that I looked up to - who may not be as well known over here in the US - is Brad Fittler. He too was an Adidas Predator guy, and I wanted to be like him as well. So with that in mind, I was dedicated to Adidas, and it only seemed like a natural fit for me.  When it came to partnering with Adidas and, in particular, James Harden last year at the NBA All-Star Game, I had to pinch myself because what a dream moment that was. 

We continue to work with Adidas and expand and evolve our partnership. I am excited to debut this next offering of gear with Adidas Basketball consisting of the perfect sweatsuit for your fall travels, as well as oversized thermal tees and mesh b-ball shorts. I think this is one of our best offerings to date with the three stripes.

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Daniel Patrick