The Sunday Paper: V-Neck

It's been awhile since I wore a V-neck. Probably 10 years or so. But back in the day, I would wear nothing else. The idea that fashion is cyclical is a true one. Prior to starting the brand, I would buy American Apparel V-necks online from the US. Then when I started, some of my first tees were V-necks. With the success of our Standard Tees over the years, I thought the time is right to throw a V-neck into the mix, but this time with the more oversized boxy fit of our most popular tee. The result is something I must admit I am getting used to wearing again, but I think it gives another dimension to our Standard Tee. I think the V-neck is a little dressier too. With the oversized look, it almost has a bit of an American football jersey feel to it, topped off with our signature center seam front and back. This is a new take on an old classic and a new wardrobe staple born just in time for summer.

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Daniel PatrickThe Sunday Paper: V-Neck></p>