The Sunday Paper: Travel Diary Week 2 | Sydney / Melbourne

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind of a week to say the least, from podcasts to football matches and early morning flights. But I wouldn’t change anything. After being away from Australia for 8 years, it’s safe to say my homecoming has been enjoyable and successful. There were a few reasons I wanted to return home to Australia. First and foremost has been to visit family and friends. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to see everyone this trip, but I plan to be back soon. I do have intentions to expand the brand out this end of the world, just so I can be here more and also give back to the country I grew up in. I think I have something to offer to this market that is unique, and having lived in LA for 11 years it seems like as good a time as ever to do so.

This week started in Sydney and ended in Melbourne. Before jetting off to Melbourne, there were a few great meetings and meals, as well as a podcast at YKTR. A couple of amazing restaurants I visited in Sydney this week were Totti’s and Nomad. Quite the culinary experience at both, coupled with good company.

Travel Diary Week 2 | Sydney / Melbourne

Then it was off to Melbourne for the first time since I was 5. Arriving in Melbourne for a quick 2 day trip, I was met with some amazing coffee. The best I’ve ever had to be honest. The rumors were indeed true in that regard. Melbourne is a beautiful city and reminded me a lot of NY but a lot cleaner and safer with great food and culture. I met with a stylist, Lana Wilkinson, upon arrival before checking into the QT and then doing another podcast with an ex-AFL player turned sunglass entrepreneur Tommy Sheridan for Ausmerican Aces, a fitting podcast for me to be on since I am a duel citizen. The trip ended at the footy and my first time at the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) which is like a modern day coliseum that holds 100,000 people. It was indeed a big game. It was an amazing experience and one I will cherish forever. And I appreciate the hospitality of Eddie McGuire and his family for welcoming me into their box, as well as the lads on Triple M Call team who interviewed me before the game. The highlight for sure were the scones and party pies we tucked into at halftime and the fact that Collingwood won their 11th straight game coming from behind to beat Melbourne. Loved Melbourne so much and will be back soon I’m sure.

It’s now back to Sydney for a day then off to LA! ✌🏼
Daniel Patrick

Travel Diary Week 2 | Sydney / Melbourne