The Sunday Paper: Time

Time is an interesting thing. I think time can hamper the product. If you look at fashion houses and fashion calendars and the need to put out collections so frequent and back-to-back, it definitely can curtail creativity. I prefer to work on a product and release it when it is ready. I think Raf Simons even alluded to this fact that creativity is hampered in this way. While I do see the need to be aware of time and to be able to work to deadlines, if that is your focus you aren’t truly present in the moment of create.

I made this observation while running on an unmotorized treadmill of all places, and it got me thinking. I saw that when I looked at the clock, I ran slower. When I focused on the output, I ran faster and it was also easier. The stress of time made it harder.  Sometimes a simple observation like this can be a bit of a breakthrough. I thought about how this could apply to life or work and creativity. I thought if I myself focused on the product rather than the time it took, I believe I may produce a better product and perhaps a more pure product. You can see this with someone like Kanye. He just kept working and creating on the product, like Donda, and released it when it was ready. Not to say that things have to take a long time, but the priority should be the product and the purpose, in my opinion.

Daniel Patrick