The Sunday Paper: The Venice Trunk | Product Spotlight

 A few years back I created the Venice Trunk. I wanted a shorter short at the time and one that would be equally as good laying by the pool or as an everyday short. Fast forward to today, and it has become one of our best-selling shorts and a wardrobe staple for summer.

I do like the evolution of this short as well - with the addition of things like 3M reflective piping, a more trunk-like drawstring and now with our variations of the rubber label. One thing that also excites me about this short is choosing the new colors every season. I love color, and the Venice Trunk allows a wide array of colors to be used and tested that then trickle out into other areas of our collection.

The Venice Trunk

It is fair to say this is now a classic that is here to stay. It’s interesting to note the name also. I wanted a more European/Italian style fit trunk, in terms of length, with an LA feel. Hence the name ‘Venice’ which is a nod to Venice, Italy as well as our own Venice Beach here in LA. Is this the perfect trunk? Well I don’t like to label something ‘perfect’, as it closes off my observation to improvements. But it just may be close to it, as one thing I have come to find after 10 years doing this is that simplicity is the key. Shop the Venice Trunks here.  

Daniel Patrick