The Sunday Paper: Nostalgia is King

Nostalgia is king. Well at least for me anyway. There is just something about it that evokes a feeling of perhaps simpler times or even pleasurable moments in one’s life. Perhaps to some degree that’s why fashion is somewhat cyclical in nature. From a personal design point of view, nostalgia plays a huge part of the process for me. I grew up in the 90s and early 2000s and was born in the 80s, so these time periods are near and dear to me. When growing up in Australia, I already had my eye on America, whether it was the long list of American films we grew up on or the swagger of American athletes. Like the Chicago Bulls of the 90s or people like Andre Aggasi and Ken Griffey Jr., where style was as much about the clothes they wore as how they played. 

Nostalgia Is King

There was just something about this place that drew me to it even at a young age. Those things that drew me to it are the nostalgia with which I design. Cities like NYC and Los Angeles were the focal point of the movies I watched growing up and even the music I listened to and are the focal point of my brand today. I was reminded of this as I watched the movie ‘King Richard’ which I found very inspiring indeed from an overcoming adversity standpoint, as well as a fashion standpoint too. High socks, shorter shorts and colorful tennis tracksuits really captured the time period and are a source of inspiration for me. If you haven’t seen the film, I thoroughly recommend it. As for my design process in regards to nostalgia, I like to take a piece of the past and bring it into the present to create something for the future whilst still creating something new. An homage to the past and quite a feat when done right.

Daniel Patrick