The Sunday Paper: NISMO x Daniel Patrick Fast Asleep Collection

In November 2023, I collaborated with Nissan to launch a limited line of performance-oriented sleepwear, inspired by the iconic Nissan NISMO.

The Fast Asleep capsule collection draws inspiration from NISMO, Nissan’s in-house motorsports and performance division. During the design process, I spent time behind the wheel of the 2024 Nissan Z NISMO and was drawn to its combination of track-ready focus with distinctive styling.

The NISMO is touted as the purest expression of design and performance, and these characteristics are always found in my designs. The classic NISMO red and curves of the vehicle were immediate stand outs, while its comfort and security made me feel one with the road. I wanted to evoke a feeling of comfort and premium fit using signature materials that gave a wink to the classic NISMO features enthusiasts really love.

Nissan NISMO

The garments are made using our signature polar fleece that evokes a cozy evening by the fire while still maintaining breathability and ventilation. It's like sleeping in your favorite teddy bear from when you were a kid. We were able to make a unique set that transitions from the street to sleep with ease.

Athlete or not, I have been inspired by a sports lifestyle and athletes my whole life. The NISMO sleepwear capsule collection is no different. The racing and athletic vibe I love translates well from streetwear to sleepwear from a design perspective, while material choice, cut and fit, are all designed with function in mind. Wearable, breathable, comfortable fabrics and textiles can live side by side with premium design, and NISMO is the perfect compliment to that ethos. 

Nissan NISMO x Daniel Patrick Fast Asleep Collection

Designing with a sports car in mind wasn’t easy. I had to incorporate the elements of a car into an item of clothing without being too literal or abstract. It has to make sense both functionally and creatively. I definitely had to lean on both elements in this respect and balance the two. 

A person's car says a lot about their personality as does the clothing they wear. My NISMO collection is really just that, a collection that’s ignited by the spirit and personality of the NISMO enthusiast. It’s been a fun opportunity to stretch my design choices and feel the ethos of NISMO in the same way the vehicle’s designers likely did.

Don’t sleep on this drop. Be one of fifty to get your hands on this special collaboration. 

The NISMO x Daniel Patrick Fast Asleep collection is available now for a limited time from November 15, 2023 8AM PST, to November 26, 2023 8PM PST. 

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Nissan NISMO x Daniel Patrick Fast Asleep Collection