The Sunday Paper: High Top Roamers

The birth of our footwear collection began way back in 2015. We had just come from Fashion Week in Paris and hopped on a plane to Italy to meet with a factory there that we were given a contact for. My wife was in the early stages of her pregnancy with our son Cooper at the time, so it was a bit of a baby moon/work trip. We arrived in Milan and then rented a car and drove halfway across the country to a small port town called Ancona. Quite an experience for sure, and I fell in love with Italy to the point I felt I would even like to live there someday. I didn’t know what our first shoe would look like at the time, but I began sketching some ideas on the plane ride from Paris to Milan.
Daniel Patrick High Top Roamer

Fast forward to 2016 and we finally had the finished product that we could go to market with, which was very exciting. As we received first samples, I started to doubt myself and whether I knew what I was even doing regarding footwear, as what I saw in my head was not panning out.  But like always I pushed forward and didn’t give up because of my love for footwear. It only took some persistence to polish off the ideas. And from there, the High Top Roamer was born and became an instant and timeless classic. The High Top Roamers were the base that spawned other classic designs, from Low Top Roamers to Chelsea Roamers.

Daniel Patrick High Top Roamer

The thing I love about the High Top Roamer is its timeless nature. It worked back in 2016 when we released it, and I believe it still works today and into the future for that matter. And over the years since the last time we produced them, we continue to get requests from customers who were fans of the original to bring them back.

Daniel Patrick High Top Roamer

Now here we are at the start of 2022, and after a few delays, the High Top Roamer is primed for a comeback in the coming weeks. Right now, the finishing touches are being put on the production in Portugal, and the shipment will be arriving in LA shortly. Stay tuned…
Daniel Patrick

Daniel Patrick High Top Roamers