How Do Men Wear Sweatshorts?

Sweats are a closet staple for men. Sweatshorts, while just as wearable, might seem a bit less essential. When it comes to sportswear shorts, running shorts or track shorts are usually the standard. Despite this, sweatshorts are just as accessible and stylish. 

Here’s our deep dive into the world of the men’s sweatshort, explaining why it has a surprisingly controversial history.

Men and Shorts 

Everyone had to follow some sort of dress code during school, but it’s different in our adult, daily life. Sure, there is a difference between streetwear, office clothes, work uniforms, and formal wear, but social dress codes are based on culture. It may sound surprising, but there have been times in American history when the government took issue with men wearing shorts and prescribed punitive measures.

Though this may sound ridiculous, there was a time when a man could wear shorts in America and would be breaking the law. These laws didn’t tackle men specifically, to be clear. By and large, the government sought to put a stop to shorts-wearing in general. In 1938, the city of Honesdale, Pennsylvania, banned the use of shorts, citing that the town “is a modest town, not a bathing beach.” 

We think, of course, that the idea that anyone should be banned from wearing shorts is absurd. It says a lot about how forward the fashion of shorts was in its inception, though, that people wanted so badly to restrict it.

Why You Should Wear Sweatshorts 

Despite what the naysayers might believe, there are many reasons why plenty of people should be wearing shorts. Some may still find issues with the act, with one of Norway’s Olympic teams in 2021 being fined for wearing shorts. We say simply: Wear the shorts.

  • Comfort: Sweats are made to be comfortable. Sweatshorts, in particular, are often made out of natural fibers such as cotton or wool to improve the feel on the skin in any context and provide breathability. Whether you’re wearing them in the comfort of your own home or out and about, conscious design elements make it so you’ll be feeling your best regardless.

  • Style: Whatever your look, there’s gonna be a time where you’ll want to eschew your shorts for pants-but the reverse is also true. If you wear pants out to the beach, you’ll have people wondering how hot you must feel, plus you’ll be less able to interact with the world around you, unable to feel the sun or the water on your skin.

    Sweats also have the added benefit of being highly versatile: Whether you want to wear your favorite classic tee, layer up with a hoodie or additional sweats, or show support with your favorite athletic apparel, it’s easy to match anything with these versatile garments.

  • Function: There’s a reason why many athletics-running, soccer, basketball, and rugby, to name just a few, use shorts as the standard in their uniform. Shorts provide a level of function that pants don’t. Reducing the amount of material involved and exposing more of the leg gives a freer range of movement and prevents sweat from pooling when you’re working your hardest. Moisture-wicking materials and comfort-enhancing ones take a two-pronged approach to function.

Many sportswear shorts are designed with one sport in mind. Basketball shorts tend to be baggier than running shorts, which are often short and skin-hugging to help the body deal with the intensity and friction of a run. Sweatshorts stand out in that they offer a truly versatile bottom layer for those who want to go from casual to competitive in the blink of an eye. 

Now that we’ve given a broad overview of sweatshorts, it’s time to dig deep into specifics on styling them.

Loop Terry Standard Sweatshort 

The garment we’ll be using to base all our outfits and styling tips is the Loop Terry Standard Sweatshort for various reasons. Firstly, the sweatshort comes in a wide array of colors, 13 in total, ranging from classics like black and white to bolder colorings in royal fuchsia, wildflower pink, and mint. This makes it a simple task to pair them with any existing items in your wardrobe or find new clothing to match them later on down the line.

The Loop Terry Standard Sweatshort is part of Daniel Patrick’s basics collection, which seeks to take essential wardrobe items that most of us are familiar with and upgrade them with our own high standards to make something truly special. The piece is constructed with luxe loop terry which is hand-milled and assembled locally in LA, individual attention in each piece being just one of our standards. These relaxed-fit sweatshorts showcase the Daniel Patrick name tonally embroidered on the left thigh and a cotton flat drawcord that dangles down the front of the garment. An elastic waistband combines with other elements to maximize comfort, and the lightweight cloth makes the Loop Terry Standard Sweatshort a great choice for mild weather.

This sweatshort provides a solid base to the rest of your outfit, whether you want to go with a sleek monochrome or bright, colorful pattern. The detailing in the line puts comfort and style at the forefront, making it easy to create just about any color palette you’d like. 

Layered Up 

Layering up your sweats is incredibly easy, whether you choose to put on something deliberately designed with the shorts or something else. The Loop Terry Sweatshort we discussed earlier is part of a whole line, making it match directly with our Loop Terry Crew Sweatshirt and the Loop Terry Standard Hoodie. Because the other Loop Terry items are available in similar colorings, along with some wildly different ones, it can be easy to either cultivate a single-color outfit or cut a striking two-toned one. 

If you want to layer up differently, we also recommend the Standard Tee as a base. Available in classic conservative colors and brighter hues like mustard yellow and vintage blue, the integration of polyester and cotton, among other items in the fabric blend, improves the piece’s comfort while also making it moisture wicking. 

For a top layer, consider the Ash Grey USA Sweatshirt. Immediately, the eye is drawn to the center seam of the sweatshirt and the Daniel Patrick name alongside the American flag on the left chest. The sweatshirt is made from heavyweight jerseys milled locally in LA, making it a great comfort piece to keep you warm and cozy in all kinds of situations. Knit ribbing on the cuff and collar of the sweatshirt adds to the visual complexity while improving comfort in these areas.

As a grey sweatshirt, the garment has the benefit of being highly versatile in more ways than may first be apparent. A bungee cord at the waist makes it so you can adjust the sweatshirt, designed with an oversized fit in mind, to fit however you’d like it to.

Stripped Down 

Layering up is comfy, but if you’d rather keep your layers as few as possible, the sweats can serve your needs just fine. The Tri-blend Standard Tee offers deliberate design for performance in casual and active settings alike. This relaxed fit tee adjusts your traditional t-shirt design in many ways.

The center seam distinguishes the silhouette from other tees and is one of Daniel Patrick’s signature design choices. A ribbed neck introduces a unique feel while also subtly altering the appearance of the shirt. Most significantly, a blend of 50% polyester, 25% cotton, and 25% rayon uses the natural properties of each fabric to create a special appearance and styling for the garment. With the choice of black, washed olive, hunter green, and ultra violet, the Tri-blend Standard Tee is ideal for people seeking a cool palette for their outfits. 

No outfit is complete without a good pair of shoes to pair it with. To layer down and make your look perfect, we recommend adding the Velcro Panel Runner to your wardrobe. This running shoe combines a mesh upper with leather paneling for a distinctive multi-toned visual, and the velcro strap smooths the silhouette compared to traditional laces. Reflective 3m piping on the side makes it so that your visibility is improved in all instances, and the Daniel Patrick name as shown on the side leather panel of the shoe makes it easy to proclaim your style.

The Velcro Panel Runner comes in a variety of styles. Sunset combines wildflower pink and blue mesh to create a boldly colored sneaker, whereas the black and grey model is perfect for those who adore minimalism in their footwear. The white and black Velcro Panel Runner features an almost all-white appearance, save for black leather side panels, making it a great choice if a brightly colored sneaker appeals to you.

Wearing Your Sweatshorts 

Sweatshorts provide an impressively versatile base for your outfit, regardless of what you choose to layer alongside it. One thing remains certain: With quality in consideration with the feel and appearance of our apparel from concept to individual production, you’ll end up with a style that uniquely reflects you.



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