What Are Some Shoes That Fit In With Streetwear Style?

You wouldn’t wear combat boots to a tennis match. Nor would you wear running shoes to a formal dinner. Every type of occasion and style demands footwear to match, and streetwear is no exception to this rule.

On a base level, streetwear takes cues from classic athletic gear. Skateboarding and surfing culture are also both tied deep into the origins of street fashion, with the comfort and functionality of the apparel showing it. Since its humble beginnings, streetwear has taken off from the streets of L.A. to capture the hearts and minds of fashionistas and designers the world over.

Daniel Patrick started as an athlete and played rugby and hockey. Those athletic origins led to an understanding of sportswear, and by extension, an appreciation of the way streetwear integrated into the athletic world. Our offerings provide style for those who want to rock their outfits casually and athletic function for those who want to take their game to the next level. The shoes below, specially chosen for how well they match streetwear style--we’ve even included running shoes and boots.

Velcro Panel Runner 

The Velcro Panel Runner gets its name from the aesthetically chosen panels, giving this running shoe its distinctive look. Sleek mesh is integrated with leather panels to create a running shoe that gets as much mileage as a fashion statement as it does as a piece of footwear. Nylon tape detailing up the side and heel of the shoe proudly declares the Daniel Patrick name, which is highlighted by reflective 3m accents that catch the eye in the presence of light and make you highly visible when outside at night. Three different versions of the Runner exist, perfect for matching multiple aesthetics.

The Sunset Velcro Panel Runner features pink wildflower mesh on the upper of the shoe and cobalt blue mesh on the heel. Black leather paneling and neon tape combine with the snow-white sole to create a visible, colorful addition to the line.

For those looking for something a little less colorful, the black and grey version of the sneaker provides a monochrome palette to downplay your style. Black mesh and leather give a uniform silhouette while being distinguished by combining different materials in the shoe. A white sole and grey nylon tape on which the Daniel Patrick name is etched in black provide dazzling contrast, aided by the same reflective 3m accents.

If monochrome black isn’t quite your style, the white and black Velcro Panel Runner offers a startlingly bright choice for those who love the look of footwear that practically glows with light. White mesh, white leather, and a white sole create a bold canvas complemented by the stark black of the nylon tape. The Daniel Patrick name, in deference to the primary color of this iteration, is white.

With the Velcro Panel Runner

What you choose to pair with your Velcro Panel Runner depends on what you plan to use them for, whether lounging about or going on a run. For casual wear, pairing your shoes with a pair of sweatpants or track pants can be a great look, especially if you tuck them into a pair of athletic socks. Be on the lookout for pants with elastic cuffs or adjustable cords to ensure a tighter fit around the lower part of your legs while you do, and feel free to layer up with a matching sweatshirt or your favorite graphic tee.

You may want functional pants that you will use while running on a track or around your neighborhood. Daniel Patrick’s Loop Terry Sweatshorts are great for runners. They’re comfy enough for when you’re at rest yet allow you enough movement to keep going. If you’re going running at night, we also offer multiple pieces of gear with reflective nylon, including the reflective qualities already present in the Velcro Panel Runner. This serves to draw attention to your shoe for increased visibility while running at night or in inclement weather for all-around safety.

With three significantly different color palettes, there’s plenty to be done with the Velcro Panel Runner. The white and black design offers the perfect opportunity to bring out the best in your footwear and gear by pairing something darkly colored to create a little contrast, for just one example. However you pair your outfits, versatility is the name of the game.

Chelsea Roamer Boot

Daniel Patricks Chelsea Roamer Boot fuses the classic design of the Chelsea boot with our own High Top Roamer. We put deep care into how we source the materials for our designs, which is why the Chelsea Roamer Boot is made in Portugal. 

Chelsea Boots have a storied history. The original boots appeared in the mid-19th century U.K. under the name “elastic ankle boot.” These boots could be slipped on easily thanks to the lace of laces and used vulcanized rubber to achieve their iconic appearance. 

Nearly a century later, with the boot in style again and Chelsea in the West End becoming a fashion hub, the boots were rechristened “Chelsea boots,” a name which has since stuck. Since then and through to the present day, Chelsea boots have been worn by figures as widely iconic as the Beatles, Star Wars Stormtroopers, and Kanye West and continue to be popular through the present day.

Whereas a standard boot has a separate heel, the Chelsea Roamer Boot has a uniform sole courtesy of the design of our High Top Roamer. A calf suede upper gives the boot a sleek appearance matched by the overall comfort and feel of the piece, partially thanks to the elastic ankle. A matching colored nylon tape up the front and heel of the boot leads into a loop which can be used to help easily remove and put on the shoe. The boot also comes in two variations, depending on if you want a more muted color palette or boldly draw attention to your footwear.

In the black version, a pearlescent sole is contrasted by an otherwise all-black exterior to create a surprisingly deep two-toned piece.

In the red version, the suede upper and nylon tape are both bright red. However, the sole and the elastic ankle are the same natural color with the two-tone version, creating a unique burst of color running along the middle of the boot. 

With the Chelsea Roamer Boot 

Both versions of the Chelsea Roamer Boot can be used to create dazzling wardrobes. You can go colorful with the layers you pair with the black version, using the matte appearance of calf suede to ground the whole ensemble. Or, going in the complete opposite direction, you can pair your boot with grey, black, and white gear to create a muted ensemble.

The red roamer boot can work to balance the color of an outfit or be the highlight of an otherwise monochrome wardrobe. Try pairing it with our Parachute Track Pant V Cargo or the matching 2021 Track Jacket in black reflective and silver reflective colors. With the glint of light coming off your top and bottom layer, and the pop of color added by the red leather and natural ankle of the roamer, you’ll have an outfit that’s stylish while being deliberately subtle.

Slip-On Runner 

Running shoes might not be synonymous with leather, but Daniel Patrick didn’t get to where we are today by doing what everybody else is doing. The Slip-On Runner comes in a sleek, lightweight frame, essential for any good running sneaker. Because of its nature as a slip-on shoe, this Italian-made offering is easy to put on and visually minimalist when viewed head-on. The black leather upper utilizes most of the visual real estate of the shoe, while a neon yellow embellishment on the side of the shoes reveals the Daniel Patrick name.

With the Slip-On Runner

Because of its low ankle, the Slip-On Runner won’t cause your pants to bunch up at your shoes. Try combining the Slip-On Runner with our Varsity Tee and Venice Trunk for an all-terrain running outfit. The quick-drying properties of nylon in the Trunk and the heavyweight of the jersey milled in the Varsity Tee make it so that you’ll be perfectly covered for mild weather, whether rain or shine. 

Fitting Your Shoes to Your Streetwear 

Ultimately, choosing the perfect shoe to pair with your outfit depends on two things: How active you plan on being while wearing them and what your personal preference dictates. If you’re looking for a practical athletic shoe, the Slip-On Runner and Velcro Panel Runner are your surefire bets. If you’re looking for something generally to upgrade your style, and especially if you’re looking for a new boot, then feel free to throw the Chelsea Boot into the mix.

Whatever shoe speaks to you, one thing is certain: You’ll wind up with a unique and meticulously crafted shoe. One of the hallmarks of streetwear fashion is a small batch size that results in exclusivity, making your style truly your own. Keeping our quantity low also helps keep our quality high, as we can pay more attention to the creation of each item.

Your shoes guide your outfit, but they aren’t the sole figure that makes them. So, go ahead: Find your perfect fit, mix and match, and strut forth dressed like nobody else ever could.



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