What Are Streetwear Pants?

Streetwear is difficult to define, but you know it when you see it. It is comfortable, casual clothing with function and fashion in mind--street and urban fashion, specifically. It is not formal wear--there are no suits, ties, or dresses for office work or job interviews. Streetwear is for, well, the streets. Whether it’s a run to the grocery store, walking the dog, or a gathering with close friends at the local park, streetwear is for everyone and anyone who wants to look fashionable while staying comfortable during casual everyday activities.

If you are looking for everyday pants that are stylish, comfortable, and multifunctional, then streetwear pants are what you need. But what makes great streetwear pants, and which ones should you be looking at? 

When it comes to pants, streetwear encompasses many different types of apparel, from athletic wear to classic sweats to modern shorts. Let’s break it down.

What Makes Something Streetwear?

Streetwear originated in Southern California in the 1970s, and in its earliest iteration, was closely connected to skater culture. Decades later, the context in which people wear streetwear has changed, but the basic guiding principles of the movement remain the same. Streetwear tends to incorporate the following:

  • Comfort: While the degree to which a specific clothing article is intended for sports varies, you can expect high-quality streetwear to feel great in any context and offer a free range of movement.

  • Size: Sweatshirts, like many athletic items, were partially popularized thanks to a connection with streetwear. Many times you’ll find designs meant to be worn as a baggy clothing item, though there’s nothing stopping you from going a size down to create a more regular fit.

  • Exclusivity: A small part of the appeal of high-fashion is having something that’s uniquely yours. Daniel Patrick handmakes garments in small batch sizes to provide a wide variety of limited edition runs and. We give special attention to each item we create.

  • Style: Streetwear takes many cues from traditional athletic wear, meaning sweats, track pants, and athletic shorts all see themselves redesigned in functional and fashionable designs. 

Next, we’ll go in-depth on streetwear pants, exploring a wide range of items in existence.

Parachute Track Pant 2.5 

The Parachute Track Pant 2.5 is the latest offering in our series of Track Pants.

As a piece of fashion history, you might think the “parachute” (as in parachute pants) comes from the loose-fitting silhouette they create. In fact, the name comes from the materials used, most commonly synthetics like polyester or nylon, which are aligned with traditional parachute materials.

This particular item is made of lightweight polyester microfiber for maximum movement, with lining to match. As with traditional parachute pants, zipper pockets are featured on the back and front for safety and security no matter what you get up to. A matte zipper at the ankle lets you adjust your fit to perfectly suit your taste.

On an aesthetic front, the Parachute Track Pant 2.5 is highlighted by a vertical stripe on the outseam of each leg, with a diagonal stripe crossing over each shin. The Daniel Patrick name embedded in rubber on the left leg adds an understated highlight, while the elastic waistband and waxed drawcord allude to classic design choices.

The Pant is available in several primary colors: black, hunter green, wildflower pink, wheat, red, blue, and yellow. Most feature a black side stripe and white diagonal stripe except for the black pant, which has a white vertical stripe, and the wheat pant, which features a distinctive red diagonal stripe. Regardless of which model you choose, Daniel Patrick guarantees only the highest-quality materials that are locally sourced. Garments are individually made to ensure each product is unique.

Roaming Sweatpants

The next streetwear offering we have is a staple of any wardrobe, the Roaming Sweatpants. These sweatpants are part of a basics collection designed to offer improved designs of classic closet essentials.

Our take on the standard sweatpants design features elasticized cuffs and an elastic waist highlighted by a cotton flat drawcord, updating the visual language for our offering. The Daniel Patrick name is visible in the unobtrusive tonal embroidery on the left thigh. Lastly, the heavyweight fleece, garment-dyed and assembled locally in Los Angeles, makes the Roaming Sweatpants a great choice to keep you warm in mild weather.

These sweatpants are available in three colors: Washed black, a bright natural, as well as a boldly colored hunter green. As part of a collection, these are designed simultaneously with other clothing items we produce. For this reason, the Roaming Sweatpants pair wonderfully with our pullover crew neck sweatshirt, which is available in the colors listed above, among others.

Parachute Track Pant V Cargo 

Many variations of our classic track pants have developed over time. Track pants and cargo pants meet in this highly functional offering: Parachute Track Pant V Cargo doesn’t refer to a new collaboration but integrates two previous offerings in Daniel Patrick’s streetwear line.

As far as pocket space goes, two zip pockets, highlighted by a midleg change in coloration, are placed at the front with one on the back. Additional embellishments exist in the form of a diamond-shaped logo on the left thigh, 3m piping on the outer side of each pant leg, and adjustable bungee cords at the ankles. The pant is also totally lined with nylon for added comfort. Nylon's moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties serve as an ideal material for both its smooth feel and athletic practicality.

Two versions of the Parachute Track Pant V Cargo exist, with wildly different visuals and functionality. The Black Reflective + Silver Reflective features a black pant leg with silver pocket highlights made of reflective nylon to protect you during night runs and highlight your apparel in other contexts. The Red + Maroon model lacks the reflectivity but instead showcases corduroy cargo pockets to create a distinct two-toned appearance to the pant by combining multiple fabrics.

Whether the brightness of reflective clothing or the ingenuity of integrated fabrics appeals more to your sense of style, both versions match our 2021 Track Jacket, whose colorings and design choices fit the two iterations of the Track Pant V Cargo.

Parachute Track Pant II 

Only available via a limited run reissue, the Parachute Track Pant II has become a popular design.

Like the Parachute Track Pant 2.5, the Parachute Track Pant II uses polyester microfiber, full lining, and a combination of vertical and diagonal stripes. Zip pockets and an adjustable 10-inch matte zipper add an extra bit of functionality and personality to the pant. Here, the overall silhouette is slightly rounder, and the vertical stripe is a bit thinner to provide a subtly different impression.

The Parachute Track Pant is available in four unique colors, distinguishing this design from the 2.5 Parachute Track Pant with a choice black, red, wheat, and cobalt as a base with vastly different stripe colors. Most of these feature a black vertical stripe and white diagonal stripe, except for blue vertical stripes on the black pant and red diagonal stripes on the wheat pant.

Because this is a reissue of a previous popular design, each pair of Parachute Track Pant’s II is made to order.

Venice Trunk 

Before turning to fashion, our founder was a rugby player. For this reason, athletics will always be near and dear to our hearts. The Venice Trunk, in particular, is a short with specialty designs to highlight this interest of ours.

This relaxed-fit trunk features both two front pockets, as well as a back velcro pocket. 3m piping along the sides of the Venice trunk makes the short hang distinctively, and a rubber applique with the Daniel Patrick name on the left thigh adds a personal touch to all designs. The lightweight nylon is moisture-wicking and quick-drying, making the Venice Trunk perfect for the beach or daily wear.

The Venice Trunk is one of our most versatile items. With 23 different styles, we’ll spare you the trouble of listing them out. But the champagne checkers and black checkers designs are two of the most popular. Both patterns takes inspiration from football club culture and the black reflective offering helps you stay visible at night and stylish during the day. We also include several designs based on the Los Angeles landscape as part of our Moving Mountain Series, including Red Acid, White Acid, Army, and Dust.

B-Ball Mesh Gym Short 

Adding this one to the list might be cheating since they are technically shorts, but our B-Ball Mesh Gym Shorts are designed to keep you at your best on and off the court.

We use polyester because of how lightweight and breathable the material is. Two zip pockets on the front and back ensure you can store your personal effects without the risk of them falling out, no matter how active you are. The short is highlighted by a natural waxed drawstring and an elastic waist for ease of movement. Three-millimeter piping adds a bit of personal flair to the shorts, aided by the Daniel Patrick name in rubber on the left leg.

With eight colors to choose from, it’s easy to match the B-Ball Mesh Gym Short with the rest of your gear, whether it be regular streetwear or apparel in support of your favorite team.

Loop Terry Standard Sweatshort 

Sweatshorts come in handy when you want the comfort of sweats without feeling like you’re layering up. Terry is a classic material known for its comfort and durability, perfect for streetwear that you can use for everyday wear or athletics. All in, the Loop Terry Standard Sweatshorts seek to take a staple design and upgrade it for the modern-day.

The relaxed fit of the sweatshorts is complemented by a flat cotton cord that dangles just below the leg of the cord and tonal embroidery of our name on the left thigh. The terry which gives the sweatshort its comfort is milled locally in Los Angeles as part of our commitment to providing a personal touch to our line.

The sweatshorts are, above all, highlighted by the extensive ways you can match them with the rest of your wardrobe. The Loop Terry Standard Sweatshort is made in tandem with matching crew neck sweatshirts and standard hoodies, both made from the same luxe terry. The design comes in 13 different colorings, making it easy to fit any niche in your wardrobe.

Your Streetwear Pants

Streetwear pants are highly versatile. Want to store all your items without carrying a bag, or love the way pockets look? The Parachute Track Pant V Cargo has you covered. If you find yourself beach or poolside or love the feel of lightweight nylon, the Venice Trunk is there to put all other shorts to shame.

Whatever your interests, we hope you leave with a better understanding of what street pants are, how they can fit an essential need in any wardrobe, and just how varied that term is.



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