Fashion Essentials Every Stylish Man Should Have in His Closet

The basics are basics for a reason. It’s well-established that many people operating at the top of their game maintain simple wardrobes. Knowing their staples allows them to focus all their energy on the major tasks they face throughout the day. Not everyone is going to love the idea of making a tightly compressed capsule wardrobe.

However, investing in wardrobe essentials gives you the ability to maintain a wardrobe of highly customizable outfits for ease of wearing. Now, you can save your decision-making skills for the challenges you face throughout the day. 

Tri-Blend Standard Tee

A good tee shirt, able to be worn on its own or layered with just about anything else, is the bedrock of any outfit. An ideal shirt should be aesthetically appealing, physically comfortable, and able to handle both sedentary and active lifestyles. The shirt that meets all these criteria is the Tri-Blend Standard Tee.

The tri-blend in question is 50% polyester, 25% cotton, and 25% rayon. It has the comfortable and breathable qualities and texture of cotton, the moisture-wicking, high-performing athletic properties of polyester, and the soft, subtly vibrant qualities of rayon.

One of the greatest benefits afforded by this and other blended fabrics is the ability to take the best characteristics of each. This relaxed-fit shirt also has a distinguished appearance thanks to a distinctive center seam on the front and back of the garment. Four different colorings, ranging from traditional black to olive, hunter green, and ultra violet make it easy to match your chosen tri-blend to the rest of your outfit.

Pair this neutral-tone shirt with a pair of jeans and a leather jacket for a casual look, or dress it up with a wool coat for date nights

Varsity Tee 

When it comes to streetwear and athletic wear, there’s nothing more iconic than a strong graphic tee. T-shirts have a long history but hit big in the early 1950s. Graphic tees are the ultimate evergreen trend. They are a great way to express personal preferences in everything from brands, to music, to personal aesthetics.

Daniel Patrick’s Varsity Tee presents a graphic that’s bold without being too proud. This shirt is marked by an applique logo with color varieties to match the model of the shirt. 

The Varsity Tee is made of a similar tri-blend that relies more heavily on cotton, adding a greater degree of a luxe feel. The shirt is meant to fit oversized but can have a more regular fit by going down a size. It pairs great as a layering piece or over a pair of sweats.

Keep this wardrobe staple feeling athletic with sneakers or a cardigan for a co-ed chic look. 

Box Jersey Polo

Sometimes, a regular shirt won’t cut it. More formal than a tee-shirt but more rugged than a button-down shirt, the Box Jersey Polo functions well as a piece of athletic wear or as something a little dressier than your usual casual clothing. 

The oversized boxy fit of the shirt is enhanced by a center seam. The DP sport logo is subtly embroidered on the left chest. This polo is crafted from a heavy-weight jersey material, which makes it extremely comfortable whether worn on its own or as part of a layered outfit. This garment is dyed locally in Los Angeles as part of Daniel Patrick's mission to embrace our local heritage. 

The barely-concealed button-up feature pairs well with dark wash jeans and a denim jacket. For a look that hearkens back to the '80s, go for an oversized blazer.

Standard L/S Crew 

Every aspect of a piece of your wardrobe matters when it comes to pairing, and the classic fit of the Standard L/S Crew makes it a compelling addition to any wardrobe. A center seam along the back and front of the shirt. Along with the rib knitting at the collar and cuffs, this shirt has a distinctive fit that’s true to size.

As with any essential, part of the strength of the garment is in its versatility. Whether the sleeves are rolled up, kept down, or whether the shirt is worn layered up or on its own, the jersey fabric ensures comfort in anything it may encounter. This crew is a great addition to any fall wardrobe or winter look. 

Roaming Cloak 

Get ready to take the classic sweaters up a notch. Do you want the added comfort and warmth a shawl-collar cloak can offer or simply want to dress up the rest of your gear? 

The Roaming Cloak provides an extensive range of functions in a highly versatile package. The cloak has a relaxed fit, but rib knit cuffs prevent it from bunching up in a way that ever looks unseemly. Drop shoulders and an unfinished hem give an easy-flowing appearance to round out the casual yet upgraded style it presents.

The cloak is available in timeless neutrals such as washed black, mountain blue, and camel. But, bold red allows the opportunity to have a cloak that either softly merges into an ensemble or brightly proclaims itself the statement piece of the whole outfit.

While intended as an oversized fit, a more regular fit can be achieved by going one size down what one would usually wear.  

This cloak is great for cooler weather by adding a scarf or a DP Beanie. It can work in warmer climates; pair it with a white t-shirt and black pants for a head-to-toe look. 

Loop Terry Standard Hoodie

We’d be remiss in making a list of essentials without including something as classic as a hoodie. Fortunately, the Loop Terry Standard Hoodie is the perfect addition to this list thanks to its slick design and style in equal parts, casual and comfortable.

This oversized fit hoodie features drop shoulders, a signature center seam on the back, and tonal embroidery on the center chest that subtly states its pedigree. Rib knitting at the waist and cuffs ensures an oversized fit without being baggy.

Backing all these design features is ultra-soft loop terry that’s milled locally, making it the perfect piece to layer for warmth for winter or fall outfits. Or, wear on its own for the comfort its fabric provides (or over a tank). 

Loop Terry Standard Sweatshort 

When it comes to daily wear, there are few pieces as versatile as sweats. The Loop Terry Standard Sweatshort, as with all the basics listed here, seeks to take classic designs and upgrade them for unmatched quality in both function and fashion.

These relaxed-fit sweatshorts are highlighted by tonal embroidery on the left thigh, as well as an elastic flat drawcord that stylishly dangles below the leg of the short. The Loop Terry Standard Sweatshort comes in 12 different variations, ranging from neutral colors, bright pastels to gorgeous jewel tones. 

It easily pairs with its matching Loop Terry Standard Hoodie, as well as graphic tees and sweatshirts alike. 

Polar Fleece Roaming Sweatpants

A comfortable pair of sweatpants might not be everything, but they come fairly close to being so. Able to be worn at home, on the go, or working out, and easily dressed up or down depending on the shoes, jackets, or accessories you pair them with, a quality pair of sweats is a key component of any wardrobe.

In this case, the Polar Fleece Roaming Sweatpants maintains its pedigree to the stylistic twists it puts on usual designs and the comfort of the material. 

These relaxed-fit sweatpants highlight an elasticized cuff and waist for a fit that’s secure where it matters, as well as two front pockets and a flat cotton drawcord. The lightweight, soft polar fleece makes it great for mild weather without being too hot indoors when it’s warm.

A wide variety of colorings in classic and contemporary colors makes it easy to pair with existing wardrobe items or be introduced as a new keystone garment.  

Parachute Track Pant 2.5 

While sweatpants may lean towards casual use, a good pair of track pants can make for a bold statement while keeping you primed for top athletic performance as needed. The Parachute Track Pant 2.5, as its name suggests, is the latest in a line combining the classic appeal of parachute pants with the functional, iconic silhouette of track pants. 

The pants feature a blackout rubber sports label alongside a contrasting angled stripe running vertically along the outseam and diagonally along the leg. The pants also reveal an elastic waist, naturally waxed drawcord, and two zip-pockets in the front for protection. The ankle allows you to tailor the silhouette of the pants through a 10’’ matte zipper.

The whole pant is made from a lightweight polyester microfiber for performance while also being fully lined for comfort. 

Chelsea Roamer

Footwear sees more daily use than just about any article of clothing, and for that reason, a high-quality, highly wearable boot is an essential part of any wardrobe. The Chelsea Roamer gives a unique offering by combining the classic designs of the Chelsea boot with our own High Top Roamer.

Taller than the iconic ankle boots, the Chelsea showcases a calf suede upper with an elastic ankle for ease of wearing. It also has nylon tape detailing, which runs along the front and back of the shoe and ends in a loop.

Note that both versions of the Chelsea Roamer offer specialized visuals:

The black style gives a classically sleek all-black appearance save for the sole, while the red style roamer integrates red calf suede with a neutral-colored elastic ankle for a two-toned appearance. Both versions are manufactured in Portugal for the high standard in material quality and personal craftsmanship available in the country. 

Pair these shoes with a white tee and trousers or skinny jeans to really let the shoe pop. 

Velcro Panel Runner 

If you need a sneaker built more for speed, the Velcro Panel Runner is able to easily fulfill that need. The sneaker also provides an immense amount of style through a mesh upper and leather paneling that helps give it its name.

Nylon tape detailing up the front and heel helps to tie in these visual elements, while the Daniel Patrick name, subtly stated on a side panel, adds an extra bit of complexity to the shoe.

Marking your Essentials

The purpose of making a wardrobe out of essentials is to make styling yourself easier while also improving upon your usual aesthetics. After all, when you know exactly how you want to dress and how you will dress, you can put that energy towards other matters in your life.

While fashion is about looking your best, functional fashion is also about being your best. With a wardrobe filled with essential, versatile garments, both are possible. 



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