4 Men’s Luxury Sweatpants We Love

The perfect pair of sweatpants can’t be beaten. This essential fashion item is so prominent that nearly every fashion brand has its own special version of the garment. The difference between a regular pair of sweats and a high-end, luxury pair is extensive. Men’s luxury sweatpants are just better. 

High-end articles offer luxurious softness and unparalleled style. These pieces also serve comfort in a practical way, with articles being built with performance materials to assist anywhere.

We’ve collected a few of the best men's sweatpants here to highlight a wide variety of styles within the garment. For luxury sweatpants, you need look no further. 

Roaming Sweatpants

The first piece we’d like to highlight is the Roaming Sweatpants. True to its name, they are ideal as everyday loungewear or for a life spent on the go. Heavyweight garment dyed fleece gives the piece a heft that makes it effective enough to retain heat in mild weather. In warmer temperatures, the softness of the fabric gives it an unparalleled comfort without being too hot. 

The Roaming Sweatpants themselves feature an elasticized waist and cuff for a fitted appearance. Tonal embroidery of the Daniel Patrick name highlights a pedigree that can be seen even without a bold, contrasting logo. The style of the silhouette is further distinguished by a flat draw cord that extends just to the knees. Natural, washed black, and hunter green colorways present versions of the sweatpant in dark shades, eye-catching bright tints, and soothing hues. 

This garment marks the first introduction on the list to Daniel Patrick’s Basics Collection. The basics collection takes classic fashion staples and the capsule wardrobe as its primary inspiration.

The pieces are all wardrobe standards that can be worn on a daily basis and are carefully designed to match. The original sweatpant originated in the 1920s as everyday casualwear for athletes on the field or gym, but here an attention to quality upgrades them.

The Roaming Sweatpants go well with a pullover crew neck sweatshirt, whose colorways directly match the sweatpants. No matter how you choose to pair the stylish looks, the level of detail is sure to champion plenty of both style and function.

Surplus Sweatpants 

Some styles of comfortable sweatpants are iconic enough to be recognizable at a glance. The Surplus Sweatpants take cues from classic athletic wear for a piece that fuses the vintage with the luxury. 

The seam of the pants runs along the center of each leg, rather than the outseam. This design choice comes as an allusion to the signature center seam found in many of our shirts. A blend of 99% cotton includes 1% polyester for the added flexibility it provides the garment. Locally-constructed heavyweight fleece makes it perfect for mild-weather runs or as a new piece of loungewear.

The ash heather grey colorway of the Surplus Sweatpants calls to mind the earliest pairs of sweats to grace the market. An elastic waistband is contrasted by cuffs which can be personally fitted thanks to adjustable bungee cords.

This particular visual style of sweat has gained much of its modern recognizability thanks to its presentation in the Rocky franchise. Adding the matching Surplus Hoodie to your wardrobe creates an all-grey appearance for an outfit that makes a statement, similar to the reigning champ of boxing. 

Loop Terry Roaming Sweatpants 

The next sweatpants make a statement through the ultra-luxe fabric and a wide assortment of colorways. Our Loop Terry Roaming Sweatpants is designed from lightweight, comfortable terry fabric for the perfect casual athleisure look. 

High-quality elastic cuffs allow it to be fitted regularly, to the ankle or over the midpoint of crew-length athletic socks. This versatility extends to the numerous colors that these stylish sweatpants are available in. Classic colors like black and heather grey are paired with highly distinct red heather, ultra violet, and wildflower pink colorways.

Small details like DP tonal embroidery showcase the fact that the pant has undergone careful examination in all regards. The sweatpant is one of a loop terry line that includes sweatshorts, hoodies, tees, and sweatshirts. Because each garment is designed from similar fabrics, it is easy to mix or contrast your colors for personalized streetwear style. 

Polar Fleece Roaming Sweatpants 

With colder weather patterns approaching, the Polar Fleece Roaming Sweatpants mix comfort and function in one effective garment. These pieces make for an excellent bottom layer in any outfit. Despite its easily worn lightweight material, these fleece sweatpants have the ability to provide thermal protection under inclement conditions.

Part of the garment's effectiveness comes from the quality of the fabric involved. Polar fleece is a material that’s essential in cold weather. As winter sets in, it pays to know how to keep warm, and wearing this fleece helps with that. The natural insulation of the material helps heat retention without sacrificing any comfort in the process. 

The pant itself offers contrast through a black-capped cotton draw cord and diamond rubber sport logo on the left thigh. Bold neon, highly saturated colors, and soft pastels offer a broad depth of design across this single garment. The natural properties of polar fleece give the pants a visibly plush outer texture, unlike other lounge pants. 

Like all the other garments on this list, the Polar Fleece Roaming Sweatpants are individually made local to Los Angeles. We believe that keeping manufacturing close to our design headquarters allows for higher quality, better working conditions, and improved oversight. 

Sweats For All Seasons 

Luxury sweatpants come in styles fit for any occasion. A sweatpant is made luxury by its overall quality and individual detail to design, not just the label it bears. It’s essential that the best sweatpants be broadly practical and aesthetically attractive enough to be worn anywhere. 

The Polar Fleece Roaming Sweatpants are great for those who want a little extra warmth from their apparel. The lightness of loop terry gives it unparalleled status as loungewear. The textured, ash heather grey design of our Surplus Sweatpants provides modern excellence and vintage attractiveness in a nod to the classic sweatpant. The luxeness of the standard Roaming Sweatpants and matching tops make it easy to pair with any outfit. 

Finding a pair of luxury men’s sweatpants isn’t difficult. Making a pair of competitive luxury men’s sweatpants is. Choosing the perfect pair of sweatpants is a wholly personal choice. Whatever your choice, go in style with any of the above pieces.



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