Melrose Store Tour

When I first came to LA to visit way back in 2008, the friend I was staying with took me shopping on Melrose Ave. Places like Fred Segal, with its vined facade, were aspirational to me. At that time, fashion was but a dream and a store of my own an even further dream at that.

For me, I have a love of interior design and even almost went down that path before fashion. So to get the opportunity to put my stamp on a space is always very exciting. I like a minimalist aesthetic with a bit of warmth and texture. I'm a big Alex Vervoordt and Vincent Van Duysen fan in that respect. Everything was customized in the space - from the modular racks, that are taller than the regular and have the ability to wrap around the architecture of the space, to one of the crowning features of the space, the overhead lighting display above the cash wrap a la Bruce Wayne's bat cave from The Dark Knight.

I wanted to create a space that represents the brand and the aesthetic we want to be about. I immortalized our connection to basketball with a two-story display of white basketballs, each individually lit.

One of my favorite features in the space is the change room. We went with the luxury of one massive change room. A lot of thought went into that space - from the metal shelf that juts out from the wall for wallets, phones and keys to the back-lit mirror and the pivot door. The champagne wood finish warms the space, as well as the whole store for that matter, and is the perfect contrast to the colder feel of polished concrete floor.

This is an image we can replicate in further DP stores as we continue to expand and grow!


Daniel Patrick