High End Men’s Sportswear: 4 Outfits That Are Dope

A versatile, high quality garment is great, but a well-coordinated, high end outfit puts one at the apex of fashion. We believe that you should be able to easily pair a good garment with essentials, but identifying ideal combinations with accessories separates good style from great.

Just because the components are luxury doesn’t mean that every outfit is right for every occasion. Weather, personal taste, and varying style trends all impact the clothes you wear on a given day.

We’re going to highlight four high end men’s sportswear outfits to fit any aesthetic.   

Winter Ready 

When the temperature drops, it's important to know how to beat the cold and stay warm with the proper outerwear like jackets and sweatshirts. Beyond a winter coat, there’s plenty that you can do with sportswear or athleisure wear to stay safe and comfortable. Thermal fabrics and multiple layers are both essential here.

The Fit

The base layer of this athletic wear fit is the Thermal Standard Tee. The shirt earns its thermal name through a heavyweight cotton waffle knit which traps heat and provides a textured appearance. The slight oversized fit is also important, as multiple loose layers of high-quality materials are better for heat retention than close-fitting ones. The silhouette is completed by Daniel Patricks signature center seam running along the front and back of the tee.

Above this layer, the Roaming Cloak is a stylish addition that’s easily removed if your outfit gets too warm indoors. Garment dyed fleece and a shawl collar gives added protection and visually offers a smooth contrast to the other fabrics. Rib knit cuffs, patch pockets, and an unfinished hem all give the cloak an appeal that’s casual and fits the leisure category without being underdressed. 

The Polar Fleece Roaming Sweatpants complete the fit with another thermal-minded fabric. Polar fleece retains heat while still being lightweight, making it a perfect garment for modulating between environments in a day. This visibly plush piece is upgraded by a rubber Daniel Patrick label along the left thigh.

Each element of this outfit serves both warmth and function. The base layers are made from fabrics designed with mild-weather consideration, while the Roaming Cloak offers a sturdy top layer. Every garment above is made from fabrics with different appearances and textures, turning contrasting aesthetics into a fashion statement. 

Layered Up 

You don’t have to layer in heavy-duty thermal gear regularly. Layering regular articles in your outfit is a prime way to highlight the texture and thicknesses of your apparel. Whether minimalist or high-contrast, a layered outfit is eye-catching and sure to make a good impression. 

The Fit 

This fit starts with the Parachute Track Pant 2.5, whose bold design choices and vast colorways offer numerous decisions. These pants feature a primary color highlighted by contrast stripes that run along the outseam and shin of the legs. Primary and neutral colorways are represented alongside wildflower pink and hunter green versions of the pant. A black-agleted natural drawcord contrasts a black elastic waist.

A 10’’ matte zipper along each ankle calls attention to your footwear, making this the time for your best sneakers. A blackout rubber sports label completes the visuals of the Parachute Track Pant 2.5. Lightweight, fully lined, quick-drying polyester microfiber makes this a comfortable piece to wear indoors or to wick sweat in warmer weather.

The Standard Hoodie is part of a collection designed for versatility, making it great as a layering garment. Heavyweight garment dyed fleece gives it a stylish thickness that’s well-contrasted by other articles in your outfit. Drop shoulders and a kangaroo pouch give it an effortlessly casual look when worn on its own. We’ll be wearing a shirt over this hoodie for the ideal finishing touch.

Wearing the right graphic tee over a hoodie is a great way to effortlessly layer. The California Wildflowers Tee is a strong choice for depicting California’s natural foliage and landscape. The graphic is distressed in an allusion to the vintage history that makes the apparel a mainstay in streetwear fashion. An oversized fit lets it easily fit either over a hoodie or while being worn as a base garment. 

Both the California Wildflowers Tee and the previous Standard Hoodie are available in cool and neutral colorways for overall subtle contrast. Pairing these with the boldly colored Parachute Track Pant 2.5 makes for a complex but never garish layered outfit. 

Pared Down

Layers are amazing, but part of the appeal of sportswear is its wide versatility. Different situations call for different styles. There’s a reason why tennis players wear shorts, and in some cases, skirts, and football players wear extensive pads. A pared-down, single-layer look is sometimes needed for better performance, and the same goes for aesthetic outfits. 

The Fit 

The Loop Terry Standard Hoodie is a garment made for comfort, whether heading to a gym workout or a casual lunch. The loop terry fabric is milled and constructed locally in Los Angeles to ensure quality and easy oversight.

Despite its warmth and comfort, the Loop Terry Standard Hoodie is a lightweight garment perfect for all kinds of weather. Nine different colorways across the spectrum allow for a palette that’s easily matched to personal aesthetics.

Drop shoulders and a center seam on the back showcase design elements that run through much of our apparel. The Daniel Patrick name is represented in tonal embroidery on the front chest for a gentle finishing touch. The Loop Terry Standard Hoodie is one of several loop terry garments produced in tandem. Because of the same guiding design principles, they are easily matched.

The Loop Terry Standard Sweatshort is our choice to continue this outfit. Tonal embroidery is represented along the left thigh alongside a drawcord that dangles just below the knee. This piece is perfectly paired with the Loop Terry Standard Hoodie or any of our standard tees. Thirteen different colorways make this one of the most stylistically versatile garments we’ve ever made.

When the rest of your outfit matches exactly, it calls extra attention to any other pieces you are wearing. The Velcro Panel Runner is just the piece of footwear to complete a sportswear outfit in cases like this. The shoe uses a mesh upper with leather paneling that gives the Velcro Panel Runner its name. The Daniel Patrick name is featured in high-contrast lettering on an outside leather panel. 

Versatility is a defining factor of modern high-end sportswear brands. There are countless ways to pair these loop terry items with the Velcro Panel Runner and socks. Cool colors or warm, emboldening your wardrobe with this outfit is simple.

Prepped For Spring 

While the weather is beginning to change, warmer weather will arrive in a matter of months. It’s never too early to plan for the next season, with sportswear that’s suitable outdoors and always comfortable indoors. This next outfit is also great for any high-kinetic athletics, thanks to performance fabrics chosen to maximize your movement. 

The Fit 

The Tri-Blend Standard Tee is another variation on our Standard Tee using blended fabric to great success. A mix of natural and synthetic materials enhances the dri-fit comfort of the garment while presenting moisture-wicking properties desirable of sportswear.

A ribbed neck and relaxed fit come together to make this a competitive lightweight garment when the weather suits it. These features, which make it wonderful on its own, also make it an effective layering garment. 

A great casual shirt for spring merits a great casual short. Our B-Ball Mesh Short is designed with a classic silhouette deftly enhanced by a few of our preferred aesthetic choices. Lightweight mesh polyester allows for maximized movement and breathable comfort. Zip pockets in the back keep your keys, phone, and other personal items secure no matter how active you get.

The figure of each B-Ball Mesh Short gains some added complexity from 3M piping along the sides. A natural waxed drawcord that drapes below the short leg, and a DP blackout sports logo, complete the piece.

More sunlight means it’s time to break out your favorite hat. The Stadium Snapback is our contribution to this timeless piece of headwear. A sticker on the brim highlights our mission as a luxury activewear brand and our home base of Los Angeles, California. The Daniel Patrick name is showcased in raised embroidery on the front panels for an extra bit of textural complexity.

This five-panel snapback also comes in a variety of niche styles. Most are made entirely of nylon, but some are made from corduroy for a vintage appearance. 

Taken together, this outfit is ready to keep you cool once temperatures rise again. Until then, supreme comfort matched with curated style makes it something suitable for lounging indoors anywhere it’s warm. 

Choosing Your Outfit 

There are countless ways to pair your sportswear. The fashion movement is broadly applicable, with suitable outfits no matter the context or season. A single set of garments from one of the best athleisure brands can be used and swapped out to create a highly diverse set of looks. That universality that you can wear a collection of high-quality apparel anywhere is what makes sportswear important to us and many others. 



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