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Festival season is fast approaching, and it’s time to start grabbing all your essentials - because there’s nothing worse than being stranded in the desert, totally unprepared. Here is our ultimate guide to surviving festival season.

Browse through our essentials below:


#1 Checkered Gym Short - For guys, comfort is key. Our lightweight gym shorts are perfect for keeping you comfortable all day long. Updated with a checkerboard print, this festival capsule piece is great for maintaining your cool while keeping it lit.


#2 Muscle Tee - If you find yourself out in the desert this festival season, chances are you’ll be dealing with broiling temperatures. Our go-to item for a bit of ventilation: the new muscle v tee.


#3 Dad Cap - With the sun beating down on you all day, you’ll need some refuge from the rays. Our DP dad cap is a best-seller, and for our capsule, we’ve released some new colors to round out your fit.


#4 Side Bag - Side bags not only elevate your fit, but with thousands of randoms cruising the grounds, they’ll also keep your belongings safe. This one from Supreme sits close to the body and is the perfect size to fit all your essentials.


daniel patrick festival survival guide

#5 Sunscreen - You don’t want to come out of an unforgettable weekend of incredible music looking like an Oompa Loompa. That’s why sunscreen is a must. While some can be very sticky and oily, this one from Kiehl’s feels like water on your skin and is filled with lots of vitamin E.


#6 Lip Balm - Your lips need some love too. Adding the fact that lip sunburn is very real and a major drag. Our go-to item: Carmex Lip Balm, made out of beeswax and Vaseline with SPF15, it hydrates and soothes lips while also keeping them protected.


#7 Portable Battery - Running out of battery during your festival stay is a real downer. Keep your phone juiced up throughout the day with a portable battery charger, so you can take all those videos of performances that you’ll never post.


#8 Crop Tee - For the ladies, we picked the cropped version of our Retro Track Tee. Cropped tops are a style must-have at festivals. The oversized fit of the retro crop tee keeps it comfortable, while the graphic logo makes a subtle statement that’ll help you stand out from the crowd.


#9 High Rise Denim Short - The perfect complement to crop tops – high waisted bottoms. Enter the reverse panel high rise denim short. The contrasting side panel gives it a slightly retro look paying homage to the rock n’ roll roots of festival culture. Pair it with our retro crop tee or your favorite vintage tee and some black ankle boots for an effortlessly classic model off-duty look.

 daniel patrick festival season survival guide


 #10 Electrolytes - There’s nothing like the scorching hot, unforgiving summer to really take its toll on you. Top it off with an all-day event, cramped in a tight space with people sweating all over you and you’re done for. Electrolytes are a natural solution to keep your head above water. We recommend Dr. Price’s electrolyte mix. It tastes good, is gluten-free and packed with essential minerals. Mix it with your water to keep you hydrated and not feeling like you’re about to pass out.


#11 Hand Sanitizer - You’re surrounded by dirt. And chances are you’ll encounter a port-o-potty or two. Hand sanitizers and/or baby wipes will be your saving grace.


#12 Bandana - Again, you’re surrounded by dirt. People will be dancing and kicking up all kinds of dust. A bandana will keep your face protected and at the very least prevent you from eating dirt. And if things get really hot, soak it in water and wrap it around your neck to keep cool.


#13 Comfortable Shoes - Leave your Js and AF1s at home. With all the walking and standing that you’ll be doing, you’re going to need shoes that’ll keep you comfortable all day. We recommend some Old Skool Vans. Made for streetwear, these shoes can take a real beating and won’t break the bank.

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