Fall 2022 Men’s Fashion Trends

It’s easy to see a trend when it’s well underway. Identifying the key elements taking the fashion world by storm early allows you to get an edge when adding to your wardrobe. We keep an eye on the market both to look for inspiration and to see what’s capturing the public eye. 

Fleece Revival

The first fashion trend on this list is fleece. Fleece is a highly versatile material with many sources, each of which have their own special properties. Fleece originated in the 1980s when a designer wanted a synthetic fabric that rivaled the cold-weather effectiveness of wool. 

The result was a luxe material that featured insulating and moisture-wicking properties. Fleece was soft enough to wear directly on the skin, something many low and midrange wools or knit products lacked. Fleece also comes in versions with varying levels of insulation to better suit the weather. We incorporate fleece into many of our own every day and mild-weather garments for these qualities and more.

In recent decades the popularity of fleece has waned. A revival of the material and new versions of fleece becoming common has brought it back into the limelight. The original fleece garments were from a form of polyester, though organic cotton versions now exist. Fleece can also be significantly more ethical than wool, courtesy of its reliance on synthetic and plant-based fabrics. 

Polar fleece is a thicker version of the material with a visibly plush appearance. Even among fleeces, this is a hard-wearing winter material. For this reason, it’s our choice of fabric for the Polar Fleece Roaming Sweatpants. The material gives it a textured appearance, whether worn in bold neon, pastel, or jewel-tone colorways. This is warm enough for the autumn-winter in London or going skiing in upstate New York.

Sportswear Hits its Zenith 

Practical fashion was already on its way in, but current events have cemented it as the next major menswear movement. Nowhere does high fashion get more practical than in sportswear.

A free range of movement, comfortable designs, and layering possibilities for cold and warm weather make it an all-season ready-to-wear attire. Sportswear giants are some of the most lucrative fashion brands, and athletic sponsorships are as coveted as gold. 

Sportswear has even spawned its own subcultures, such as athleisure. Athleisure apparel takes the structural design of sportswear but uses comfortable material to maximize its use in casual contexts. It recontextualizes fashion as something versatile, fit to be worn across several contexts.    

Unisex Clothing Takes the Stage 

Clothing used to be strictly gendered. Men didn’t wear pink, women didn’t wear pants, and all aspects of fashion were heavily dictated. No more. Fashion has moved towards the unisex, with styles and silhouettes that are able to be worn by men and women alike. 

Unisex clothing has historically taken more cues from menswear, but some articles have crossed over from womenswear too. Sweats, pants, leggings, and knitwear pantsuits are all garments that have made the leap from one gender to another. 

Sportswear historically has done more for unisex clothing due to everyone sharing similar athletic needs. Rather than tailor the same line for men and women alike, the designer can better use creative energies through unisex offerings. Switching sizes becomes an easy matter of conversion.

At Daniel Patrick, we primarily offer unisex designs. The comfort of athleisure apparel doesn’t always need to be gendered. We also provide an easy size calculator to take the guesswork out of online size comparison. 

Relaxed Fit 

The age of the skinny fit is over. While leggings and the like still see practical use, the days of constrictive skinny jeans are thankfully long gone. Modern fashion trends towards the comfortable and practical, and with this a looser fit are coming into focus. While clothes are trending looser, this isn’t quite the baggy fit that appeared periodically in the 20th century.

Our California Wildflowers Tee highlights the middle ground the modern relaxed fit excels in. The shirt is only slightly oversized and adheres to standard sizing so that going down a size results in a regular fit. Though available in cool and neutral colorways, the pink, green, and blue distressed graphic make the piece subtly contrasting anywhere.

A relaxed fit optimizes comfort and movement in a way fitted clothes disallow. Regular fit garments are still common for a more traditional look. 

Cheerful Colors 

Colors go through patterns often dictated by the historical context and emotional spirit of the times. World War II saw incredible changes in the fashion industry for a variety of reasons. 

The occupation of France forced many fashion houses to close up shop and lessened international commerce in the fashion industry. The use of raw materials for wartime purposes affected the way Americans ate, worked, and dressed. Resources were conserved and prod

During the war, many outfits used muted or natural colors to conserve materials for use by the military. Once the war concluded, dye was more readily available for commercial purposes, and general morale was high. Colors both in fashion and art became brighter.

Much of color history follows this pattern. An extreme event, be it war or recession, leads to a trend for darker colors. After the event is weathered, a general positive spirit leads to a prevalence of optimistic colors and aesthetics.

Shortly after 2008, pastels had a moment where they peaked. Now, with global events slowly coming under control, pastels from head to toe are once again in vogue for both men and women. 

Also affecting modern color popularity is a general trend towards vintage styles. Bright neon is a great way to stave off the gloom that sometimes sets in during winter. 

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a common problem, but from a psychological perspective, bright colors can improve your overall mood. As it gets a little colder and darker outside, look for scarves or thick puffer jackets that offer a bit of sparkle to your day-to-day life.

Bright colors, whether worn for your own mental health or to boost your profile, are strong stylistic choices for the coming season.

Technical Fabrics to the Front 

Classic fabrics like silk are known for their delicate beauty but not much for their durability under working conditions. Enter technical fabrics. These pieces are largely synthetic materials created for specific functions under exacting contexts. Technical fabrics include military and industrial materials like Kevlar and Gore-tex, but some of these pieces have seen use on runways in Paris, Milan, and more.

One such technical fabric is used in the collaborative DP Adidas Basketball Anorak. The garment is made primarily from recycled polyester to reduce the environmental impact synthetic fabric production has. The anorak is also made from ripstop nylon, a material that originated in parachutes to prevent small tears from getting larger. 

Technical fabrics are reaching the mainstream thanks to an increased desire for performance fabrics. Early technical fabrics were not aesthetically pleasing, but with the attention of fashion designers, this brusque quality has changed. Now, such materials can be seen in everyday apparel and winter gear alike.    

What Makes Modern Trends

We are in a transitional phase, where the rigors of the fashion world are being challenged left and right. Strict form is giving way to articles where function and comfort overlap. Classic vintage styles and even older materials are seeing daily use. 

We aspire to take the best of the past and master them for seasons to come. With this mission, Daniel Patrick is able to present pieces that will weather the test of time. 



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