DP x Coffee Manufactory



"Coffee for me is something I am passionate about and I'm excited to be able to blend what we do with a totally different world. For me Daniel Patrick the brand is as much about lifestyle as it is about clothing. A lifestyle brand has always been the goal and an extension of what I'm about and what we're about as a company. I love the ritual of a morning coffee and the comradery of meeting with friends over a nice cup. I only want to put out products we believe in and be in involved in partnerships that are true to the brand and our creative vision. This coffee is something I enjoy every day. My preparation of choice is a pour-over but it can also be enjoyed as an espresso. I came across the coffee manufactory and was drawn to the aesthetic nature of their packaging and the quality of their product and most importantly the taste. We came together organically from there and feel it is a perfect fit"