The Sunday Paper: Design Concept | The Standard Tee

A lot goes into a product, even a product as simple as a t-shirt. Sure, a t-shirt is indeed a very simple item of clothing, but for me, it is the foundation of a wardrobe and should not be underestimated in its importance. There are a few factors to consider in the design of a tee. Firstly, I wanted to create a tee that I could wear day in and day out that gets better with age. I’m sure you’ve seen me wearing a washed black standard tee, perhaps you haven’t, but nonetheless, to say this is my go-to tee is an understatement. It’s funny too that the oldest ones in my wardrobe are my favorite ones. I love the small holes that develop over time, the sun-kissed browning from the perpetual sunshine of California beaming down upon us and the washed-out appearance from hundreds of washes, and I do mean hundreds of washes. 

Secondly for me is the fit and drape. I like to wear an XL, as I love how it hangs on me, so I do recommend sizing up if you want that look. I also wanted something boxy but not too boxy. And I like the neck wide enough to show off a chain but not too wide, so that balance needs to be perfect in my opinion. I also need a tee that is as comfortable front and center of an outfit or playing a supporting role under a sweater or hoodie or even dressed up under a blazer. The standard tee fits the bill on these and ticks those boxes. I honestly rock this tee anywhere from working out to a date night with my wife to everyday at the office or at home with the kids around the house. Another detail on this piece is our signature center seam that gives the tee symmetry and balance and makes a seemingly simple item recognizable through detail. So, for all the above considerations the standard tee is the standard for one’s wardrobe staples, a seemingly normal and simple item with a level of quality or attainment. I love it, and I hope you will/do too!
Daniel Patrick