Daniel Patrick x Adidas Baseball

Daniel Patrick reprises its partnership with Adidas to bring you an exclusive 5-piece capsule collection for Adidas Baseball. The collection consists of a classic baseball jersey in two colorways, a mesh workout tee, gym shorts and compression tights. 

Discover Daniel's inspiration behind the collection:

I love expanding into new territories and new categories and am always looking for new opportunities. So when we were approached by Adidas to design a collection for Baseball, I jumped at the opportunity. This was exciting for us because it would also potentially open us up to a new audience as well. I played baseball as a kid and have affinity for it in that regard and also love it from a style perspective.

Coming out of the pandemic, we wanted the pieces to evoke a sense of celebration and energy, which is where the tie dye comes into play. We also wanted to present a modern elevated take on baseball with cues taken from 90's baseball nostalgia. Another thing that was important was for it to be more universal. So whether you like baseball, play baseball or not, you can still wear it. It is streetwear with a performance aspect to it. Throughout the design process, we try to understand the baseball customer and what they are looking for but at the same time try to disrupt that and offer something classic but new. 

I hope you enjoy the collection!
Daniel Patrick
Daniel Patrick x Adidas Baseball

Designed in collaboration with Adidas Baseball and tested by pro outfielder Julio Rodriguez. The Daniel Patrick x Adidas Baseball collection is available at adidas.com and will be live on daniel-patrick.com at 4:15PM PST.