Style Guide to Colorful Streetwear

Style trends come and go, but one movement we love is the prevalence of color in streetwear. While monochrome palettes and earthy tones have substantial followings, adding a bright splash of color is a wonderful way to make a statement. By embracing color in your wardrobe, the way you can express yourself with your wardrobe expands tremendously.

We’re going to explain a bit about how some movements affect the way colors are perceived. Once we’ve done that, we’ll do a deep dive into colorful streetwear to put on for any season.

How Trends and Patterns Affect Colors

The popularity of specific colors isn’t as arbitrary as a few tastemakers deciding that a particular color is suddenly in. Trends tend to be cyclical, which explains the perpetual trendiness of vintage clothing. Pastels, the go-to for colorful apparel and home design alike, have been popular since the 18th century. The sheer brightness of pastel compared to darker, earthen tones made them desirable. 

For this same reason, pastels are invariably everywhere whenever spring and summer roll along. We’ve long since discarded the idea of not wearing white beyond Labor day. Similarly, there’s no logical reason to limit ourselves to darker colors just because much of the world will start becoming a little darker.

How Society Affects Color 

Business practices and social conventions also affect our perception of colors. For decades, it was viewed as unmanly to wear colors like pink. This fixation has largely passed, but its history is quite unusual. 

For a long time, pink was viewed as a masculine color for boys. It was perceived as a diminutive form of “masculine” red colors. Furthermore, children's clothing used to be neutral, with boys and girls alike wearing dresses

When clothing manufacturers in the 1940s marketed trends in clothing purchases for newborns, blue and pink became associated with boyhood and girlhood. Fortunately, eighty years later, anyone can wear any color without fear of criticism.

How History Affects Colors 

Sometimes, history itself impacts style. During WWII, many bright-colored dyes were used for wartime purposes. Because of a lack of these dyes for civilian uses, clothing trended darker. Once the war ended, resources became available, and morale was high. Colors returned to the fashion world. 

The 70s and late 2000s saw subtle colors giving way to pastel, revealing a pattern in color popularity. Whenever a recession occurs, bright colors tend to come back into fashion. Bright colors can improve mood thanks to their clarity and are easily matched for greater use in a time where resources may be tight. 

Standard Tee 

We will start our exploration of color with a high-pedigree staple that’s as standard as they come. The Standard Tee presents our interpretation of a traditional t-shirt. This relaxed-fit shirt is improved in feel and appearance by a ribbed neck and center seam. The latter is a signature design element that’s present in many Daniel Patrick designs.

When it comes to the fabric, the Standard Tee is made from heavyweight jersey material that’s milled and assembled locally in Los Angeles. The thickness of the material gives it dual functionality on its own in the summer or as a layering piece during cold months. Vintage blue, mustard yellow, and hunter green offer bright colorations alongside a whole series of other classic tones. 

Summit Tee

We can’t make a list of streetwear without including at least one graphic tee. The Summit Tee takes its visual language from the natural beauty of our home base of Los Angeles, from pink-tinged sunsets to beautiful blue mountains. The Daniel Patrick name is subtly overlaid on this verdant image of California. 

The shirt is built for a slightly oversized fit, with six different colors that all maintain the well-colored beauty of the graphic. Regardless of the color of the base garment, bright design elements and attention to quality make it a great accent piece.

Loop Terry Standard Hoodie

The next item on our list takes the phrase “colorful streetwear” to heart. Here, we’ve evolved one of the most classic pieces of sportswear outerwear to create the Loop Terry Standard Hoodie. Lightweight and soft-to-the-touch material combine with design elements like a kangaroo pouch to form this garment. The piece is made to fit oversized, though going down a size can create a more regular fit. 

When it comes to specialty design elements, a back center seam and tonal embroidery at the center chest subtly highlight the Daniel Patrick name. 

The hoodie is available in red, wildflower pink, hunter green, mojave, ultra violet, and mustard yellow, among other colors. This gives you a range of colors to choose from, whether you’re looking for a new versatile piece or a comfortable hoodie to integrate into your wardrobe. 

Roaming Cloak 

The Roaming Cloak is one of the most effective outerwear and layering pieces that Daniel Patrick has to offer. Thanks to the fit, you can wear it atop a plain tee or bulkier items like hoodies or sweatshirts. Heavyweight garment dyed fleece gives it a reasonable degree of moisture resistance during inclement weather as well as high comfort for normal use. 

Rib-knit cuffs, an unfinished hem, and front patch pockets give the cloak a casually stylish appeal. Meanwhile, the shawl collar and back center seam provide an element of conscious design that let you dress it up or down as desired. 

The Roaming Cloak also comes in a variety of colors. Washed olive, camel, and mountain blue provide some understated style. If commanding attention is the order of the day, a bold red variation is sure to catch some eyes. 

Loop Terry Standard Sweatshorts 

For a true pastel piece, the Loop Terry Standard Sweatshorts are an effective piece of clothing. The two front pockets and an elastic waist with a drawcord that hangs just below the leg of the piece provide function. Tonal embroidery on the left leg completes the presentation. These sweatshorts are specifically designed to match the Loop Terry Standard Hoodie and Sweatshirt.

These sweatshorts come in rich royal fuchsia as well as canary yellow and mint offerings, among others. 

Venice Trunk 

The next piece is colorful, whether you are looking for bright pastels, dark-colored patterns, or anything in between. The Venice Trunk shares its name with one of California’s most popular beach neighborhoods for good reason. Lightweight nylon provides a good range of movement and quick-drying properties. Adding 3M piping along the sides, a rubber DP logo, and velcro closure back pockets provides a perfect blend of function and fashion. 

The Venice Trunk shines in its many versions available. Checkered variations in both black and champagne exist for a trunk that evokes classic football culture apparel. You can also find a red acid color, with black chemtrails along a red base, along with pastel and jewel tones including miami blue, mountain blue, royal fuschia, and bright desert cream.

Polar Fleece Roaming Sweatpants 

The coming fall and winter months make this next piece of apparel an invaluable one, no matter what sort of weather you encounter. The Polar Fleece Roaming Sweatpants are made, of course, from polar fleece. This synthetic material mimics the qualities of wool in that it aids with heat retention in winter months while helping keep you cool in warmer ones. 

The garment's design includes elastic at the waist and ankle, a cotton flat draw cord, and a diamond rubber Daniel Patrick label on the left thigh. As with any pair of quality sweats, a relaxed fit allows for a silhouette that’s comfortable without being too casual.

The Polar Fleece Roaming Sweatpants also come in eight distinct colors. For those craving the lightness of pastel, purple haze has an ethereal appearance. Neon orange creates a bold, bright contrast that matches perfectly with earthy tones elsewhere. Jewel tones ranging from teal to yellow to wildflower pink provide a versatile range no matter your favorite color.

Parachute Track Pant 2.5 

The multi-toned nature of the Parachute Track Pant 2.5 gives a wonderful burst of color to any outfit. 

A colorful base with stripes running vertically along the outseam and diagonally at the leg gives a complex silhouette. These track pants showcase a ten-inch matte zipper at the ankle as well as a blackout label on the left leg. A drawcord that dangles between the knee and angled leg stripe adds to the overall impression. 

The pant is made of lightweight polyester microfiber, with full lining to match. This gives it a broad range of movement while also adding an extra element of comfort in mild weather. 

The black and ivory model offers monochrome aesthetics for a darker appearance, while the wheat model has a red accent stripe that would be well-matched by the red Roaming Cloak. This pant is also available in cobalt, hunter green, red, wildflower pink, and yellow. 

Chelsea Roamer

Take on a new variation on a centuries-old shoe model with Daniel Patrick’s Chelsea Roamer. These shoes combine the staying power of the Chelsea Boot with our own High Top Roamer. The calf suede upper and elastic ankle combine for a shoe that’s as comfortable as it is stylish. The manufacturing process is sourced in Portugal for the craftsmanship and rich natural resources of the country. 

While two versions of the roamer exist, the red model is the highlight for a colorful wardrobe. Here, a red upper with nylon tape detailing contrasts against a nude-colored sole and elastic. This two-toned appearance of the shoe offers a pop of contrast that naturally draws the eye to the shoe. For a piece of footwear whose bold colors are built to last, the Chelsea Roamer is a shoe that’s a worthy successor to the classic boot.

Velcro Panel Runner 

Our next journey into footwear brings us to the world of running shoes. The Velcro Panel Runner uses contrast to full effect by integrating mesh and leather with other accouterments. Here, a mesh upper and leather panels are separated by 3M reflective accents. A nylon tape detail directly up the center of the shoe adds a small degree of symmetry to the shoe. 

Of special note is the Sunset Velcro Panel Runner. Here, black leather panels feature the Daniel Patrick name represented on a specific side panel. The mesh portions along the bridge and toe of the shoe are wildflower pink, with cobalt blue everywhere else. Whether complimenting a brightly colored outfit or as the sole highlight of a darker one, this shoe presents quality every step of the way.

DP Beanie 

The DP Beanie makes it easy to add an extra accent to any outfit while also protecting you from the incoming cold weather in the next few months. Acrylic material helps keep your head warm, while a rubber logo prominently displays the Daniel Patrick name to add an extra highlight to your headgear. Availability in monochrome, earthy, and bright colors makes this the perfect finishing piece for any streetwear outfit. 

Going Forth in Color 

Just because the skies may be darkening in the next few months doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to. Wearing colorful streetwear doesn’t mean you have to be bursting with color from every square inch of your apparel. Contrasting vibrant colors or matching dark and brightly colored items are excellent ways to incorporate color into your wardrobe. Whatever way you choose to self-style, Daniel Patrick will be here to continue providing a range of streetwear for any aesthetic.



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