Color Palette

One of the things I love about my job is working with color. I love how a fresh color palette can really make a classic piece feel brand new or even how a new color palette can freshen up a wardrobe for the season. I am always on the lookout for the next color palette, and when I see something I like, I keep a swatch of it to use at a later date. When it comes time to do a new run of production, I like to take the opportunity to experiment with new colors.

We recently had the opportunity to do so with our latest drop of Roaming Cloaks and Loop Terry Standard Sweatshorts. I had been wanting to do some sweats in camel, a timeless and luxury color, better known for its use in top coats and trench coats worn by the likes of Pierce Brosnan in James Bond. I came a cross a blue that I dubbed "Mountain Blue", as it has that hazy blue look that you get from the mountains from a distance. And I also found a beautiful fuchsia color that is a darker version of our Wildflower Pink and was also inspired by California wildflowers. There is a Canary Yellow that I think is just a really great color and will play well in our color palette for mix and match dressing. We also had the opportunity to do mint, which I had sampled some time back and felt it was a fresh fit for the season. It also reminded me a lot of an old Land Rover Defender.

I have always been a big fan of red and was adamant about doing a red Roaming Cloak, not to mention that my favorite Roaming Sweatpants are the red ones, so it was a natural fit for the Loop Terry Sweatshorts as well. It was good timing too with Kanye rocking a dope red outfit at the first Donda listening party. For me, red is special - I don't know why - but maybe it's because most of my favorite sports teams wear the color red. From Manchester United to the Chicago Bulls, even my beloved Red V Dragons from the National Rugby League in Australia or my favorite Air Jordan Breds and Adidas Predators. There is just something about red. Red is here to stay for me, it's even running through my veins.

I still have a few colors on ice and will always be on the lookout for the next color as well. I hope you enjoy the palette just as much as I enjoyed choosing it.

Daniel Patrick