change is coming

daniel patrick knomadik high end streetwear denim

we've decided to simplify and streamline the brand into the one name. i get asked a lot what the difference is between daniel patrick and knomadik. honestly, in terms of quality and attention to detail, the same time and care is taken with the product, and they're designed to cohesively work together. obviously for me, the difference has been that knomadik is all the everyday basics of hoodies sweats and tees, and the dp collection of outerwear is made to compliment those. with this in mind, we will be having all our collection under the daniel patrick brand.

daniel patrick knomadik

i figured why even have the question asked, and over time i have blurred the lines between the two brands more and more. we are excited about this transition, and we will continue to strive to raise the bar on our quality and attention to detail.

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