British Influence

I take a lot of influence from the British. Everything from cars to fashion to architecture to sports. I don’t know if it’s the fact of growing up in the Commonwealth in Australia which has a heavy British influence on the food and culture, but for me it just feels natural. In fact, I spent a good part of the first year of my life in the North of England, as my dad was playing Rugby League there in-between seasons from Australia.

As for British cars, I am quite fond of the Land Rover Defender. The new version and the old version. And I am also a fan of Range Rovers new and old as well for that matter. As for British sports, I am a big fan of David Beckham and the English Premier League. I am also quite fond of and actively collect soccer cleats, and as a teen growing up could spend hours looking at the latest boot collection at the local sports store.

So after seeing one of my favorite movies in the early part of 2020 pre-pandemic, The Gentlemen, and in keeping with British influence, I wanted to do something a little more dressed up that would pair nicely with the luxury sportswear aesthetic. The timing wasn’t right last year obviously, so I kept the idea on ice and at least started working on the pattern process. Those patterns sat there for a long while before we eventually sampled them. But nonetheless as the world is opening, I feel the timing to be rather fitting to trickle it into the collection, starting with the Heavy Wool Robe Coat. Equally cozy and sporty yet elegant. Stay tuned for drop details...

I do look forward to getting back to English soil someday soon, but for now I can dream and create my own version of British influence with a luxury sportswear Daniel Patrick feel.

Daniel Patrick