Black Streetwear Pants and Other Closet Staples

When it comes to style, some things remain essential, year after year. A wardrobe staple is marked by innovative design choices and functionality. Here is a list that will help you complete just about any streetwear outfit. 

M93 Cargo Pant

We can’t make a list of staples without including black pants, and we can’t bring up versatility without highlighting the M93 Cargo Pant.

A cargo pant can’t hold the name without ample storage space: Here, zip-up pockets in the front which highlight the Daniel Patrick name are matched by velcro pockets in the back to create a complex, multifaceted look. A cotton drawcord and matching ankle ties make it so you can drape your pair exactly how you want, though the pant does fit true to size.

M93 Cargo Pant Colors and Styles 

The pant is made from 100% polar fleece chosen for its warmth, comfort, and surprisingly low weight. Fleece was initially used as an alternative to wool due to its many beneficial properties and the ease of harvesting and manufacturing it. The trim is made from 100% nylon for the flexibility the fabric affords. The garment comes together in LA, where we handmake each M93 Cargo Pant.

The M93 Cargo Pant is available in a whopping nine different styles, including smog grey, seafoam, and dust with black pockets and solid black with pockets of the previously mentioned colors. Camo and desert camo are also available as options, with the latter taking its core design aesthetics from the complex landscape of Los Angeles. Whatever addition you want to your closet, there’s a cargo pant built to fit that need.

Polar Fleece Roaming Sweatpants 

A good pair of sweats never goes out of style, despite what some people would have you think. For that reason, the Polar Fleece Roaming Sweatpants form an essential addition to our basics collection.

The earliest sweatpants were created in the 1920s by a French designer as pure sportswear. It took a few decades for them to become commonly accepted as streetwear, but now sweatpants can finally take their place as a potentially luxury clothing item. With both comfort and function in mind, you can look and feel great in your sweats, whether you’re running for exercise or walking down the street. Sweats are an ideal mild weather companion, thanks to the warm, lightweight polar fleece of most sweatpants designs.

We embraced the classic silhouette of sweatpants while subtly updating them with both an elastic waist and cuff, as well as a diamond-shaped rubber label along the left thigh. The Polar Fleece Roaming Sweatpants are available in classic black as well as a host of both bold and understated colors, including red, neon orange, purple haze, teal, and yellow, among others. Whatever color you choose, the white drawstring adds a small accent for all sweats. While sweatpants are, in general, a versatile closet item, we particularly recommend matching these with any of our graphic bungee sweatshirts.

Tri-blend Standard Tee 

The Tri-blend Standard Tee, which is made from a blend of 50% polyester, 25% cotton, and 25% rayon, is anything but standard.

Fabric blends work best by integrating different fabrics for the unique benefits they offer. Here cotton adds to the comfort of the shirt while polyester increases the durability and wrinkle-resistance of the garment. Rayon adds the finishing touch by reducing the static cling of the tee while adding a subtle luster, creating a shirt that’s complex in its design mechanics while being artfully simple in appearance. The knit, true to our standards, is milled and garment-dyed locally.

On a visual front, the Tri-Blend Standard Tee diverges from your regular t-shirt through its ribbed neck and our signature center seam on the front and back of the shirt. We’ve taken the classics in design elements and materials and updated them to create a truly modern tee. Colorings in black, olive, hunter green, ultraviolet, and Mojave make it a versatile wardrobe option, whether worn as a solo piece or as part of a multilayered outfit.   

Box Jersey Polo 

Whether worn for work, for a sports game, or for being out and about, the polo is a keystone fashion item that’s helpful to have on standby. Here we seek to polish and improve on an old classic. 

The Box Jersey Polo showcases the same center seam that is signature to our designs, made subtler to better match the vertical polo collar, which only uses a single button. The heavyweight jersey fabric, milled and dyed in LA, creates a design with a thickness and weight that matches what we expect from polo shirts. 

Subtlety is the name of the game, with colorings available in washed black, vintage black, hunter green, and a bright natural. Each version comes with an embroidered DP logo matching color with the fabric for a simple, stylish take on this design. Whether worn on its own or layered as part of a more complex outfit, you’ll be able to take to the field or the streets alike with the versatility of the Box Jersey Polo.

Loop Terry Standard Sweatshirt 

Moving on to a definitive outer layer, the Loop Terry Standard Sweatshirt, true to its name, embraces tried-and-true designs while adding a little something special. 

The loop terry material is chosen for its lightweight and cozy softness, making it durable enough as a top layer and comfortable enough to be worn on its own. A rib knit at the collar, waist, and cuffs creates a subtly altered silhouette, and the tonal embroidery of the Daniel Patrick name on the left chest makes it so you can have a gentle accent highlighting your fashion choice. A naturally oversized fit makes it a great comfort piece, whether worn sedentary or when you’re out and about.

The Loop Terry Standard Sweatshirt is available in a wide variety of stylings. These include the standard black, grey, and natural tones and distinctive offerings in ultraviolet, hunter green, mustard yellow, and many others. We also create sweatpants and sweatshorts from the same loop terry fabric, making it incredibly easy to match your sweatshirt for a uniform outfit. All in all, this design makes for a sweatshirt you can embrace as your classic one, totally reinvigorated.

USA Sweatshirt

America is the land of opportunity. If you know our story, you know that Australia may be where our founder was born, but America is where he came to make everything happen. Moving to America with limited funds, limited time, and only a bit of luggage might seem daunting, but we rose out of that struggle to seize the modern American Dream. The USA Sweatshirt is a testament to that, professing both a love of country and quality streetwear.

This contemporary article seeks to bring a fresh take to your classic grey sweatshirt. We’ve upgraded the piece with our signature center seam on the front and back of the garment and added ribbing on the cuffs and collar that features the best traits of both synthetic and natural fibers. 

The embroidery, showcasing the applied Daniel Patrick name alongside the American flag on the left side of the chest, results in a design that makes a statement without overpowering your ensemble. Designed to be stylishly oversized, an adjustable bungee cord at the waist lets you make your sweatshirt fit just how you’d like it. 

Because the design is meant to be oversized, you should go down one size if you want a more traditional fit. Each USA Sweatshirt is made from cotton fleece locally hand-milled in Los Angeles, making your pair uniquely sourced, environmentally sustainable, and designed for excellence from the word “Go.” 

Your New Closet Staples 

While the line of staples above may be varied, our vision is singular: To create clothing that looks and feels great by combining timeless streetwear design elements with a modern eye for comfort, performance, and fashion. Whether you’ve found a new essential item for your wardrobe, or maybe even several, we appreciate you taking the time to learn a bit about Daniel Patrick, our story, and how we’d like to reimagine style.  



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