How Do I Look Fashionable in a Hoodie?

The first hoodies weren’t made for fashion--they were made for function. In the 1930s, hoodies were designed and marketed to athletes and workers as a way to provide extra protection during harsh winters. Decades later, they grew widely popular with various pop culture figures. Sylvester Stallone, among many others, began regularly representing the hoodie on screen and as daily wear during his “Rocky” heyday. Today, hoodies form an essential part of any wardrobe.

However, once you commit to wearing a hoodie for style, that opens up a whole new conundrum: What to pair it with. The world of streetwear is vast, incorporating both athletic and loungewear that doesn’t necessarily cater to any one gender or body type. Its high level of inclusivity is just another one of the reasons streetwear is popular with people of all ages and identities. 

In this guide, Daniel Patrick will be taking you through some distinctive styles of hoodie and then suggest what to pair your hoodie with.

Standard Hoodie

We begin with the basics: The Standard Hoodie incorporates all the usual elements of this essential closet item and improves them with our exacting standard for design. The front of the hoodie features embroidery of the Daniel Patrick at center chest, with a kangaroo pouch just above the waist. Speaking of the waist of the hoodie: Both the waist and cuffs are ribbed, subtly adjusting and fit and appearance of the piece.

When it comes to the materials in the hoodie itself, just as much attention has been paid to the heavyweight garment dyed fleece, which, as is common to most of our designs, is milled and assembled local to us in Los Angeles. The weight gives it a feel different from your regular hoodie, but the material is still breathable enough to wear either on its own or layered up for extra warmth.

The Standard Hoodie is, on this list, the first item representative of our basics collection. The collection takes primary inspiration from closet staples-sweats, tees, and everything in between-to bring luxury to these well-worn designs. Intended to fit oversized, going one size down from your usual will help create a more standard fit.

The Standard Hoodie pairs best with other staples in our collection, such as the Standard Tee and Roaming Sweatpants. The Standard Tee showcases a center seam and a ribbed neck.

The Roaming Sweatpants updates the usual sweatpants design with an elastic waist and elasticized ankle cuffs, creating a pant that has a relaxed fit with a smooth silhouette. Heavyweight garment dyed fleece makes it perfect for mild weather. The Roaming Sweatpants also feature a tonal embroidery of the Daniel Patrick name, a self-contained highlight that doesn’t need itself proclaimed to be felt. 

Loop Terry Standard Hoodie

Despite the similar name, the Loop Terry Standard Hoodie has multiple points where it diverges from the design of the standard. It has the same oversized fit, general shape, ribbing, and kangaroo pouch, but that is where the similarities end. Compared to the heavyweight fleece of the Standard Hoodie, the Loop Terry Standard Hoodie is made from lightweight, luxe-feeling loop terry. In addition to decreasing the weight and creating a softer appearance, the material change also makes this hoodie cooler for use as a standalone garment or in layers.

The differences also extend to the visual language. The tonal embroidery on the chest is subtler, and the hoodie also comes in several unique colorings, such as heather grey, ultraviolet, and Mojave.

We enjoyed how our loop terry fabric felt enough that we couldn’t just restrict it to a single piece of clothing. For that reason, the hoodie is paired well with our Loop Terry Standard Sweatpants or Sweatshorts, depending on how you want to layer up.

Both items use an elastic waist and cotton flat drawcord, with the Loop Terry Standard Sweatshorts additionally showcasing elasticized cuffs. Additionally, both have the Daniel Patrick name tonally embroidered on the left thigh of the garment. The sweatpants and sweatshorts are also available in a massive number of varieties, with eight different styles of sweatpants and an extensive thirteen types of sweatshirt currently available.

Surplus Hoodie 

The Surplus Hoodie’s design takes elements from the belief that the fit is everything when it comes to your gear. A naturally oversized fit combined with drop shoulder shapes the silhouette of the hoodie, and a kangaroo pouch gives some practicality while adding some front-facing complexity to the piece. 

The hoodie also features ribbed cuffs, but rather than a ribbed waist features something far more distinctive: An adjustable bungee cord, which allows for a wholly versatile fit regardless of how you want to wear your hoodie. The Surplus Hoodie, which comes in a single iconic ash heather grey style, is easily matched for being part of a line by the Surplus Sweatpants.

The relaxed-fit sweatpants are designed with an elastic waist and cotton flat drawcord. Both the sweatpants and hoodie are perfect for mild weather or lounging about, being made from heavyweight fleece with a minimal amount of polyester to create a tiny amount of give in the material. A bungee cord at the ankles of the Surplus Sweatpants, affording the same adjustability, creates aesthetic harmony with the Surplus Hoodie.

With both designs being ash grey, it creates the perfect opportunity to let a small dash of color do a lot for the outfit. The Velcro Panel Runner features a white sole and mesh upper contrasted by leather panels. The panel on the side reveals the Daniel Patrick name, and 3m reflective accents make the shoes stand out within the outfit.

Two versions of the Velcro Panel Runner, in particular, go well with this outfit. The Black + Grey Model, featuring black leather and mesh with a grey side panel, completes the outfit in grayscale from head to toe, showing the staying power of minimalism. For those who want to use their footwear to add a burst of color instead, the Sunset coloring of the sneaker features bi-colored mesh in wildflower pink and blue, highlighting your footwear against a grey backdrop.

DP Adidas Basketball Hoodie 

It’s no secret, Daniel Patrick loves a good collaboration, having previously collaborated with James Harden to develop a line of athletic apparel and footwear. In fact, Daniel Patrick has had our hand in everything from apparel to coffee in pursuit of our passion for excellence and love of athletics and culture. Our latest collaboration has resulted in the DP Adidas Basketball Hoodie, bringing a mutual passion for athletics to life.

Boldness is the name of the game, with a bright hazy yellow that’s sure to catch attention. This graphic hoodie features the Adidas logo on the chest and a kangaroo pocket on the waist with a center seam, a staple of Daniel Patrick designs. Ribbing on the cuffs and waist of the hoodie makes a strong impression and three stripes along each arm, which showcase a signature design element of Adidas clothes. The hoodie itself is made of 100% cotton, except for the interior of the hood, which is lined with black velour that rests in stark contrast with the rest of the piece.

As part of a collaboration, the DP Adidas Basketball Hoodie has built-in matching components, with DP Adidas Basketball Shorts, Pants, Basketball Socks, and Mesh Tanks all available. This line is meant to reflect on the broad athletic legacy of the “tunnel walk” that is now used to introduce teams in multiple sports. Whether you wear this hoodie alone or with its companions, the imposing visual language is sure to leave an impression.

Choosing Your Hoodie 

Choosing which hoodie is right for you isn’t as straightforward as you might have once thought. With so many versions to choose from, you are sure to find one that represents your on-the-go, urban-centric lifestyle.

The Standard Hoodie offers the most classic of our designs, our loop terry offerings provide lightweight, cozy comfort, the Surplus Hoodie combines an oversized fit with adjustability for a look you can customize to your own tastes, and the golden hues of our collaborative effort with Adidas beg to be utilized on and off the court.

Whichever hoodie, or hoodies, appeals most to you, a dedication to sustainability and quality in every facet of production helps ensure your new piece will be a cornerstone of your wardrobe for years to come. 



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