The Best Luxury Athletic Wear For Men

The best athletic wear is far more than just a high-performance shirt or comfortable pair of sweats. When athletic apparel meets luxury fashion, more is needed to justify the price and meet the standards of top-grade gear. 

Luxury athletic wear needs to meet the performance requirements of the most rigorous athlete. It also needs to elevate the wearer's style. Comfort is also a major factor to examine when evaluating attire. We’ve taken all these into consideration to showcase some of the best luxury athletic wear currently available.

Fundamentals For Your Apparel 

Luxury athletic wear offers the pinnacle of quality and a sense that the wearer is dressing as no one else can. Luxury athletic wear is more than lush workout gear. It is well-suited for the everyday wear wardrobe that is called upon to support an active lifestyle and the individual on the go. 

After examining virtues like design and production, it’s time to reveal a few distinguished pieces that meet these rigorous criteria. There are a few key benchmarks for excellence to look for in athletic wear.

These criteria can generally be applied to test any article of clothing for excellence:


A truly incredible garment should reveal quality under any amount of scrutiny. Luxury fabrics and clear intention in design withstand a thorough inspection, as does its manufacturing origin.

Local manufacturing showcases devotion to community and an ethical support of countries that support their own workers. Everything about luxury menswear should be done with precision, unwavering ethicality, and a strong sense of intention to brand voice. 


The world of performance fabrics is incredibly varied, with each type of fabric presenting its own special qualities. High-quality cotton garments are well-regarded for providing luxe comfort and high breathability.

Synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon can offer moisture-wicking capabilities and greater elasticity to allow a greater ease of movement. Genuine care in choosing and stitching together fabric shows a designer's dedication to their craft. 


Part of the value of luxury apparel lies in its ability to distinguish the wearer. The factors which make luxury apparel desirable increase the cost and exclusivity, which further feeds into the desirability of apparel.

Many times to accommodate a perceived lower rate of sales, fashion designers will produce a smaller output of individual pieces. This, combined with an already exclusive price point, makes it so that wearing a garment showcases your personal tailored style.

Thermal Standard Tee

The first item on this list is the Thermal Standard Tee. This updated version of Daniel Patrick's regular Standard Tee comes just in time for winter weather and dropping temperatures.

The piece is made from 100% cotton waffle knit fabric and features our signature center seam down the front and back. This oversized fit drapes well and has practical applications, though a more standard fit can be achieved by simply going down a size. 

The “thermal” in this tee comes from the special properties of the waffle knit technical fabrics that make up the shirt. The square grid of the fabric’s weave creates a distinctive texture while the multi-layered material traps heat. This makes this t-shirt an effective insulator whether worn on its own or as the base layer of a winter outfit

The Thermal Standard Tee comes in a variety of neutral and cool colors. These include washed and vintage black, natural, and washed olive. Each piece is constructed and garment dyed in Los Angeles in a bid to keep manufacturing local and quality high. 

For a versatile yet distinguished standard tee, this piece offers the essentials needed of any outfit base. The natural layers of the fabric and slightly loose fit allows for improved heat retention. Try combining these with a cool-colored Roaming Cloak to help combat mild weather with a multi-layered, multi-textured look. 

Stadium Tee

Any list of quality athletic wear needs a quality graphic tee. This style started out in streetwear and athleisure but has since crossed over to athletic apparel. The Stadium Tee presents our own take on classic graphic embroidery. 

This shirt utilizes our own name logo for a graphic. The Daniel Patrick name is represented on the chest, with the “Patrick” of the name shown in italicized, outsized embroidery. The graphic is color-coded to match the primary color of each individual garment. Slight drop shoulders and a ribbed neck both highlight the oversized fit of the Stadium Tee. 

The heavyweight jersey material of the tee gives it a distinguishing heft and comfort. Worn as a single garment, the piece pairs well with the Venice Trunk for a great warm-weather look. The Roaming Cloaks open front gives a view into this and any other graphic tee we make.

Tri-Blend Standard Tee 

Specialty blended fabrics make themselves known in the aptly named Tri-Blend Standard Tee. This garment is made from a 50% polyester, 25% cotton, and 25% rayon blend that summons the best of each fabric. 

Polyester gives a comfortable elasticity while also providing moisture and sweat-wicking elements to the shirt. Cotton enhances the overall softness of the piece. Rayon is known for its lightness which gives the shirt an easy drape, while the overall blend provides a soft sheen. The tri-blend allows for each material's unique properties to shine. 

This relaxed-fit shirt features a ribbed neck and a center seam that runs through the garment. These details come together for a shirt whose base relates back to a standard tee but improves its make. The result is a piece of apparel that earns the name luxury through a carefully crafted, curated design.

This tee works as a strong base layer for a variety of pieces. Pair with shorts or joggers depending on the season, and let the garment do the rest.

Parachute Track Pant 2.5 

Modern athletic wear tends towards staples and vintage attire. Bold, highly-saturated colors are at home with the return of vintage fashion in Daniel Patrick’s Parachute Track Pant 2.5. The nature of this pant makes it the perfect attire whether riding your bike or going out casually. 

Each pants silhouette is defined by a primary color framed by a black elastic waist and tonal stripes. The outseam stripes are black in all colorways except the black primary, in which the outseam stripes are ivory. A secondary stripe goes along each shin, white in all colorways except the wheat primary, which features red stripes. 

The aesthetic appeal of the Parachute Track Pant 2.5 is further defined by a blackout rubber Daniel Patrick label. A 10’’ matte zipper enhances the function and appearance of the pants, with zip pockets ensuring the protection of personal possessions. The silhouette is finished by a natural waxed drawcord with a black aglet, falling flat just below the knee. 

The versatility of the pant is highlighted by the wide variety of colors it is available in.

The Parachute Track Pant 2.5 looks best with thick layers. Wear it with a standard tee and jacket for a solid layered look. You can also try to pair the pant with a sweatshirt for a simple, pared-down look.

Polar Fleece Roaming Sweatpants 

A great athletic wardrobe needs to be able to weather any season. Our Polar Fleece Roaming Sweatpants offer protection for just these circumstances. The fabric which gives it its thermal properties also gives a plush sense of comfort. Our pride in these pants is highlighted by a Daniel Patrick rubber logo on the right leg of the pants.

Cold weather can reduce the body's immunity to illness and, in severe instances, can cause hypothermia. There are many ways to protect against this, including covering the extremities of the body and wearing thermal clothing. Polar fleece has insulating properties that don’t disappear even when exposed to moisture, making it optimal for facing snow.

The pants perform as luxury pieces on an aesthetic front, too. Elastic on the cuffs and waist results in a look that drapes well while still appearing somewhat fitted. The plush nature of polar fleece gives it a visible softness, accessible on a massive number of colorways. Along with black, there are nine different colorways, including everything from warm and cool colors, to pastels and vivid colors.

The Polar Fleece Roaming Sweatpants pair well with other pieces of thermal gear. They coordinate well with the Thermal Standard Tee for a look that thrives on varied colors and textures.

Loop Terry Standard Hoodie 

Hoodies are a staple of athletic wear. The Loop Terry Standard Hoodie takes this classic piece of apparel and uses our eye for detail to improve it. Comfort fabric and subtle design choices make this hoodie worthy of the name luxury athletic wear. 

This hoodie embraces the oversized fit, which is complemented by drop shoulders. The kangaroo pocket of the hoodie sits just above a rib knit waist. The chest features a tonally embroidered Daniel Patrick logo to add a subtle extra detail to the piece. 

An average hoodie is designed from average cotton. To improve the pedigree of the Loop Terry Standard Hoodie, we improve the fabrics supporting it. Loop terry material is exceptionally soft and warm while being fairly lightweight overall. This makes it the ideal material in a piece of gear that both sees casual and athletic use.

This garment is part of a line that utilizes the same locally made loop terry fabric. The hoodie pairs perfectly with the Loop Terry Standard Sweatshorts and Loop Terry Roaming Sweatpants. Both of these include colors that directly correspond to the hoodie, making contrasting or matching as preferred easy to do.

The Loop Terry Standard Hoodie is our choice to continue the legacy of this timeless piece. The material allows for comfort and durability, while a broad range of colors gives personalized style.

2021 Track Jacket

We’ve delved into track pants but have yet to explore any track jackets. The 2021 Track Jacket only comes in two colorways, but each differs massively in form and function. One offers unique features that are stylish and protective, while the other integrates multiple textures for a special visual language.

Each version features a nylon body, 3M piping, and contrasting cross-body nylon stripes. A rubber Daniel Patrick label on the chest and name embroidery on the back emboldens the design of each. Branded zippers at the front pockets, down the center, and hood pocket finish off the Track Jacket’s shared design elements.

The Black Reflective and Silver Reflective colors manage to be eye-catching and protective at once. High-visibility reflective nylon makes a fashion statement but has practical applications in safety when operating in darkness. Reflective gear and workout clothes are essential safety tools for any night runner. Whether going out running or going out to flaunt your bright ensemble, this jacket is fitted and functional.

The Red and Black and Maroon track jacket contrasts matte corduroy with glossy nylon to create a distinctive texture. The black nylon bars separate the key two elements of the jacket's body. The first is red nylon, which makes up the lower half of the body, catches the light but isn’t reflective in nature. The second core element is maroon corduroy, which makes up the upper portion of the jacket's body. 

Each version of the 2021 Track Jacket has corresponding colorways in our Parachute Track Pant V Cargo. While they can easily be worn with other garments, this remains one of the best ways to pair your jacket. 

Daniel Patrick and Luxury Athletics 

There used to be a time where luxury apparel and athletic gear were two separate categories of clothing. The sort of apparel used to look your best and perform at peak athletic prowess did not overlap. As designers come from diverse backgrounds and analyze the clothing people want, a market for high-quality athletic gear appears.

Top athletes push themselves to their further limits to excel in their field. Every person achieves greatness by pushing themselves beyond what they were previously capable of. We see no reason that, as designers ourselves, we shouldn’t hold the same standard for excellence and personal improvement. Daniel Patrick holds quality, by any metric, as essential for the growth and continued future of both luxury and athletic clothing.



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