The Sunday Paper: Architecture and Interior Design

Architecture and interior design for me go hand in hand with fashion. So much so I would say that before I landed on fashion as a career path, it was a decision between interior design and fashion design. That fact alone shows me that both are hues along the same basic purpose I have in life. I feel that interiors can inspire my designs and vice versa. Style doesn’t have to just stop at the wardrobe; it can encapsulate one’s whole life from the interiors within which one lives to even one’s choice of car. Obviously money can play a big factor in this, but it doesn’t have to. With less money of course one needs to be more creative. But style is style regardless of money, and as the old saying goes, money can’t buy style. To paraphrase the late Alber Elbaz of Lanvin, style is something reflected from our soul to the outside world. One’s personality is very much reflected in this manner.

As for interiors, I think I own just as many interior design books as fashion books, if not more, and I get excited each month for the latest edition of Architectural Digest. So as I digest these interiors, I always look for what I love and what interests me in these spaces more so than what I don’t like, go figure. It’s one of those things that you just know it when you see it. For me, I know when a design is done right in my collection or if it’s just not hitting the mark.

When I got to design our Melrose store, I definitely encapsulated all that I love as a designer, brand and consumer of interiors into the space. And a couple years on from that project, I have a vision of evolution for a new space, albeit one that continues to build upon the same path. So I am excited to do another project taking all we have done in the past and combining it with all that I would like to do. The journey for me as a designer is never done, it is a constant evolution. Happiness lies in the journey more so than the destination, and for me, I am still writing the story and navigating the path forward. Good design, simplicity and aesthetics are food for the soul, whether that be the clothes you wear or the space you live in. We can all contribute to the aesthetic of our environment in a positive way. What that is for one person may be different from the next person, but the key is to cut your own path and do it your way.

Daniel Patrick