How To Put Together an Aesthetic Streetwear Wardrobe

Putting together the perfect streetwear wardrobe might take some effort, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. We’re now in a position where streetwear, once exclusively worn in casual settings, can be considered high fashion that’s as at home on the runway as it is at home on your couch. However, building your wardrobe this way is easily done when your pieces complement each other. 

For that reason, Daniel Patrick has curated a series of complementary pieces to create a comfortable and aesthetically beautiful wardrobe. 


The start of any wardrobe begins with the tee-shirt. Whether it’s a carefully styled graphic tee or a precisely made piece of athletic gear, a good shirt is the most essential and, in the long run, most versatile selection of apparel you can invest in. As such, it’s essential to look for quality that will outlast your lifestyle.

California Wildflowers Tee 

The list starts with a piece that showcases why graphic apparel has become so crucial to streetwear. The California Wildflowers Tee’s graphic showcases the verdant beauty of Los Angeles, from the blue-tinged mountains to natural greenery to the multicolored flowers from which the shirt takes its name. Above it all, the Daniel Patrick name is tastefully placed. The graphic is distressed to give this tee a vintage look.

The shirt is made to fit oversized, though going one size down allows for a more standard fit. As part of Daniel Patrick’s commitment towards local, high-quality production, it’s made from heavyweight jersey material milled and dyed locally in Los Angeles. The ribbed neck adds an extra layer of complexity to the design. 

To make it a versatile piece in any wardrobe, the California Wildflowers Tee is available in six different colorways from standard washed and vintage black to bold colors evocative of the natural landscape, including mountain blue, hunter green, and camel. The careful design makes it work well either on its own or layered up with other pieces. 

DP Adidas Basketball Thermal Tee 

Turning to the athletic side of streetwear brings us to the first piece on this list from our collaboration with Adidas. Highlighted here is the DP Adidas Basketball Thermal Tee, just one of our newest offerings. The whole line blends the dedication towards the performance of Adidas with Daniel Patrick’s commitment to quality and aesthetics in every seam to create a high-powered athletic ensemble. 

The shirt features a relaxed fit, with the Daniel Patrick logo on the front chest and a rubber applique with the name on the left sleeve. Also seen are classic design elements to other offerings, such as a ribbed neck and signature center seam down the front of the shirt. 

The whole piece is designed from a blend of cotton and recycled polyester waffle knit, both for enhanced sustainability in fashion and for the special benefits offered by this combination. Cotton is well-known for comfort but doesn’t always react well with water. Waffle knit fabrics are notable for their high breathability and the speed at which they dry, making them popular in everything from apparel to home goods. When working up a sweat on the court, this blend offers a mix of comfort and performance that’s needed in any piece of gear. 

In addition to black and light grey heather, the DP Adidas Basketball Thermal Tee is available in orbit indigo, which features an orange logo and contrasting maroon collar. The medium thickness of the blend makes it perfectly situated as a base layer or over other pieces of clothing as so desired. 


Layering is one of the most important aspects of putting together your outfit. Especially as cooler months approach, outerwear quickly reaches a point where it takes center stage in everyday dress. Below, we’re examining hoodies and cloaks alike to cover a whole range of outfits. 

Roaming Cloak

A good jacket can add an extra degree of comfort indoors and give any outfit an extra boost when worn out. Thanks to the heavyweight garment dyed fleece, the Roaming Cloak is the perfect example of this, which makes it ideal whether you’re dressing to layer for warmth or enjoy milder temperatures. The design has a relaxed fit which can be more tightly tailored by wearing one size below your usual. 

The minute details of the cloak are enhanced by patch pockets and rib-knit cuffs for a more tailored silhouette of the sleeve that compliments the drop shoulders of the piece. An intentionally unfinished hem gives the piece a timeless appearance. Additional detailing gives it a more modern edge. A center seam along the back gives the whole design an aesthetically pleasing symmetry. 

Washed black and mountain blue colored cloaks offer understated, conservative colors, while the boldly stylish camel and red offerings create a splash of color for those who want their outerwear to be the loudest part of their wardrobe. The Roaming Cloak is perfect for adventuring out and about, whether that means a relaxing day or pushing yourself to your limits. 

DP Adidas Thermal Stripes Bungee Hoodie 

The next addition in our collaboration is the DP Adidas Thermal Stripes Bungee Hoodie, which integrates similar performance fabrics with highly curated design choices to create a functional hoodie that maximizes its value as a piece of fashion. The Adidas logo is stitched on in a visible but minimalist way on the front chest, while the logo and name are subtly visible on the rear right waist of the piece. Meanwhile, the Daniel Patrick brand is represented by a rubber logo on the apex of the hood as well as a center seam running along the hoodie’s back. 

To enhance comfort in both active and relaxed environments, the central portion piece is made from french cotton terry, while the hood is lined with mesh to help keep you cool where it counts. A unique waffle knit with three stripes along the sleeve offers an enhanced silhouette through classic Adidas signatures. 

The hoodie fits true to size, but a bungee cord at the waist can adjust it to whatever size you want. The hoodie is available in the same colors as our other DP Adidas collaboration gear. But the hood of the orbit indigo model is entirely maroon for even more striking color contrast. 


The right pant can radically change your outfit. After all, pair the same shirt with jeans, sweats, and athletic shorts, and you’ll have three distinctly different ensembles. Fortunately, Daniel Patrick has some bottoms suitable to wear in just about any situation. 

Parachute Track Pant 2.5 

Throughout all our designs, the parachute track pant has remained a steadfastly popular choice. After all, there’s a reason we’ve created a 2.5 model while continuing to re-release older designs. 

The Parachute Track Pant 2.5 features a blackout sports logo on the left leg and stripes running vertically along the outseam and diagonally across the shin of the pant. An elastic waist and zip pockets offer additional performance functions to keep yourself comfortable and your personal items secure however you plan to use your pants. A 10’’ matte zipper at the ankle allows you to adjust your pant to fit whatever else you might pair it with while adding an aesthetic highlight in all other situations. 

This piece of gear has more versatility than nearly everything else on this list when it comes to unique colorways. Cobalt, hunter green, wildflower pink, yellow and red primaries showcase black vertical stripes and white diagonal ones, while a black pant with all-white stripes offers the perfect monochromatic highlight. Another version, which is wheat with black vertical stripes and a red horizontal stripe, gives an extra dimension to the possibilities of this line. 

Arguably one of the most important aspects of any piece of gear is the fabric. Each Parachute Track Pant 2.5 is made from polyester microfiber for pure flexibility and is lined for pure comfort. 

Loop Terry Sweatshort 

A great pair of shorts is always in need, with the Loop Terry Sweatshort easily worn on its own or layered underneath bulkier items to allow easy transition between layers. The luxuriantly soft loop terry from which these shorts are made is milled right here in Los Angeles, fitting its cemented status as a mild-weather short. Tonal embroidery on the left thigh subtly highlights the designer, while the cotton flat drawcord dangles gently below the knee, creating a stylishly understated upgrade to your classic sweats. 

Thirteen different colorings of this offering make it so that whether you’re looking to build a wardrobe around these items or integrate them into your existing closet, there’s a version of the Loop Terry Sweatshort to fit any aesthetic. 


You’ve got a strong wardrobe set up of items from the above items that can be readily mixed and matched as your situation dictates. In the long run, building up a capsule wardrobe like this is essential. A study this year found that participants who reduced their cabinets from oversized boudoirs to focus on more individual, matchable pieces over three weeks became less stressed and more joyful in their sense of style. 

Let’s talk footwear: The right shoe, whether a boot or an athletic shoe, can send an important message about who you are and what motivates you. After all, most of us likely own fewer shoes than other garments. For that reason, being discerning in what we wear is everything.

Chelsea Roamer

This boot fuses the tradition of the Chelsea Boot, a classic that’s stayed classic for a reason, with Daniel Patrick’s own High Top Roamer. A calf-suede upper contrasts with nylon tape detailing up the center of the front and heel of the boot and an elastic ankle both for ease of wearing and for creating a distinct appearance.

In the Black Chelsea Roamer, an all-black upper is contrasted by a cream-colored sole. In the Red version, however, a red upper and natural ankle makes for a brilliant two-toned appearance that’s as eye-catching as it is appealing. For the durability and fashion of a boot combined with the ease of wear of a high-top sneaker, look no further than the hybrid Chelsea Roamer

Velcro Panel Runner

We round off our list with something that no streetwear wardrobe is complete without: a high-grade sneaker. While mesh is a classic material for sneaker uppers, we’ve brought it into the 21st Century with our introduction of leather paneling and 3m reflective materials to bring it to the pinnacle of fashion while maintaining safety standards essential for any serious piece of running gear. The Velcro Panel Runner also features nylon tape detailing up the front and heel and the Daniel Patrick name imprinted on a side leather panel. This true-to-size shoe also comes in three different colorways to satisfy the needs of any wardrobe. 

The black and grey shoe integrates some grey leather panels and accents into a wholly black upper with a white sole for a monochrome look. For a dazzlingly bright shoe, the White + Black model features an all-white sole, upper, and paneling save for a single black panel sporting the Daniel Patrick logo. Lastly, for a two-toned sneaker whose colorings reflect on the California Wildflowers Tee, we started this list off with the Sunset features black leather panels with both blue and pink colored mesh.

Building Your Wardrobe 

In the end, the fundamental thing in putting together a great streetwear wardrobe is choosing stylish pieces that last. Thanks to Daniel Patrick, it’s easy to access stylish streetwear made to last through the years.



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