9 years of Daniel Patrick. As I sit down to write this, I wonder where to start. There have been so many great moments over the past nine years, as well as so much growth and evolution. As I’ve matured in life, I have found that a healthy state to be in is to be in the present and enjoy that moment. When I was younger, I don’t think I always quite enjoyed the moment. I was always looking to the future so much that I missed the present at times, so to sit back and reflect doesn’t necessarily take away from how far I still want to go or where we are at in the present. So for 9 years, I have decided to select my top moments that I feel have shaped the brand for now and the future. Moments that were special to me.

Tyga collab
This was our first major collab. The relationship with Tyga was an organic one that came about through him wearing our camo set at NY Fashion Week that he picked up at one of our stockists here in LA. I DM’d him at the time, and we connected. The collab itself was a great experience, and to also have partnered with Revolve and their social club on Melrose for the launch event was special and a fun night to say the least.

Starter collab
Growing up, I recall wanting a Starter jacket that I wasn’t able to get at the time. Fast forward and to have a collab with Starter was an awesome experience.

NY Fashion Week
A presentation at NY Fashion Week was a great experience. From the model casting to the music selection. Being in charge of every decision like that is daunting but exciting at the same time. Putting yourself out there in life is what it’s all about and something I feel we should do more of in the future. We also forged some great relationships at the show that we still work with to this day.

Soho store
Another bucket list item checked off the list was opening our store in Soho. I love the process and stress of putting together a store and have had a few goes at it now. The space itself was in a great location and was a big space to work with. I would like to open another store someday in NYC when the time is right. A great learning experience as a small brand.

New Melrose store
For this store, I got to put my touches on every part of it at a time when I feel I know more about who we are as a brand. I like the evolution of the brand, and I feel this interior best represents us aesthetically for now and the future.

Adidas launch
Back in NY for the launch of our partnership with Adidas and James Harden. This was a big moment. The moment we could tell the world about our partnership that we had been cooking up for some time but had to keep under wraps.

NBA All-Star
The product launch for our Adidas line, along with on-court kicks worn by James Harden on an NBA All-Star court was life-changing. I had grown up watching the likes of Michael Jordan from afar all the way in Australia, so to finally get a chance to visit the United Center in Chicago was a cherry on top.

Enjoying the present. Grateful for the past and an eye to the future.

Appreciate all the support over the years!


Daniel Patrick