4 Ideas For What To Wear With Joggers

Joggers may be a new national pant. According to the Society for Human Resource Management survey, over half of Americans working from home wear sweatpants daily. Numbers in many other countries are likely similar. 

Joggers are already a de facto uniform for a variety of beneficial reasons. They provide a fine balance between the shape of firm pants and the unstructured comfort of leisure apparel. A full range of motion makes them viable for casual and active contexts. They are also easy to dress up to down to suit any occasion or weather. 

There are plenty of ways to style your favorite pair of joggers. The right pair makes the transition from casual to athletic contexts easily.

1. Layered Up

The first style analysis we’ll be performing is how to layer your joggers for performance in any weather. This can add a dressier flair to an otherwise casual and still comfortable garment or prepare you for cold weather. We’re mainly going to explore layering through garments below, but feel free to add your favorite accessories.

Our Polar Fleece Roaming Sweatpants make for the best garment to protect you in winter. Lightweight polar fleece keeps you warm in dropping temperatures and gives the pants a thoroughly plush appearance. 

The outline of the pants is emboldened by a dangling cotton flat drawcord and diamond applique logo on the thigh. Elastic at the waist and ankle keep the form of the pants and lets you wear them however you like. A collection of neutral, cool, and warm colorways makes it a great outfit base with a bolt of color.

The wintry theme for this ensemble is continued in our Thermal Standard Tee, which uses cotton waffle knit for warmth. The texture gives the shirt a woven texture which is enhanced by our signature center seam running front and back.

Washed black, vintage black, natural, and washed olive colors make it an understated, contrasting choice to pair with bold colors. The shirt has an oversized fit compared to our Standard Tee to allow for greater breathability and a relaxed design.

The Roaming Cloak finishes off this layered-up look with a sleek, soft midlayer made of heavyweight, garment-dyed fleece. A shawl collar, drop shoulders, and unfinished hem creates a figure that’s at once casual and slightly formal to wear.

The slightly oversized fit reflects similar styles running through many of our tops. The heft and thickness of this carefully designed cloak make it great for use in mild weather or cold-weather layering. 

2. Pared Down

Simplicity sometimes works best. A minimalist, dressed-down approach lets the quality of individual garments speak for themselves. This works best when you’ve hand-selected a few special pieces to highlight in your wardrobe. We’ve taken the same care in choosing our best garments for a striking, simple look.

Daniel Patricks’ Roaming Sweatpants hold true to their name, as superior joggers that work wherever you may go. Heavyweight garment-dyed fleece puts both comfort and warmth at a premium. The fleece material is milled and constructed locally in Los Angeles, as are the overwhelming majority of our offerings.

The contrast in the sweatpants is brought out in the natural cotton flat drawcord. Tonal embroidery of the Daniel Patrick name on the left three highlights the pants with subtle style. Washed black, natural, and hunter green colorways present a variety of figures to choose from.

A simple, luxuriously designed sweatpant is best complimented by a bold shirt. The California Wildflowers Tee serves justice in the form of a brightly designed, vintage graphic tee. The graphic showcases purple-and-pink wildflowers, lush greenery, and crisp mountain vistas. The Daniel Patrick name is featured in outline along the center of this graphic, distressed for a vintage appearance.

Heavyweight jersey material provides a well-wearing softness to the piece. A slightly oversized fit makes it drape nicely as a standalone piece while remaining viable as a layering garment. 

As an alternate top, try the Pullover Crew Neck Sweatshirt. Ribbing at the collar, neck, and waist is further improved by tonal embroidery detailing at the left chest. Heavyweight garment dyed fleece and other choices are created to reflect immediately to the Roaming Sweatpants’ design. This includes eye-catching colorways — washed black, natural, hunter green, and additional mustard color for a bright contrast.

3. Casual Days

Arguably the best benefit joggers offer on a regular basis is comfort. The ability to switch from pure leisure to sudden activity and feeling and looking great while doing so is invaluable. This next look is tailored to lax days, whether spent at home or going out in sleek style.

The Loop Terry Roaming Sweatpants is the first embodiment of comfort on this list, thanks to its fabric components. Soft loop terry combines a lightweight, gentle warmth, and overall plush feel to present a remarkably soft sweatpant. A natural cotton drawcord brings color contrast to any of the 11 different versions of the sweatpants you may wear.

The Varsity Tee is our choice to pair this casual shirt. The heavyweight jersey material and oversized fit both contribute to the leisurely fit the Varsity Tee exudes. A black-and-white Daniel Patrick applique logo across the chest highlights the name with stark, contrasting lettering. The neutral colorways of the Varsity Tee complement bold colors in your other layers for a complex look.

We suggest pairing these two pieces with the unmistakable lines of our Stadium Snapback. This hat features two logos in varying styles. The first is a raised embroidery detail on the front of the snapback in contrast-colored fabric. The second is a sticker on the brim of the cap, highlighting our luxury standards, name, and LA-based nature. 

The Stadium Snapback is a five-panel hat available in eight different versions. The majority of these use nylon for the subtle shine the material gives off when it catches the light. To counter the shimmer of nylon, we offer a matte corduroy Stadium Snapback for a look that truly stands out.

Comfort, performance materials, and fashion should go hand in hand. This belief is just one of the forces driving us to always improve.

4. Working Out

Working out demands a different type of performance clothing than your regular apparel. With luxury athleisure and workout apparel, a unique combination of high-quality materials and a strong sense of style allow for a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. The clothes you wore to the gym used to be only that, but today high fashion can equal high performance. 

Our suggested workout gear takes cues from classic grey sweats and upgrades them in order to meet our personal standards.

Surplus Sweatpants

Our Surplus Sweatpants in ash heather grey take the most iconic piece of sportswear in history and makes it modern. Classic elements like an elastic waist and cotton flat drawcord with a black aglet present themselves. Each leg features a distinctive seam that runs along the center of the garment. 

The ankle eschews traditional elastic to keep its shape. In its place is an adjustable bungee cord, allowing you to tailor your fit to your own style and needs. Heavyweight fleece brings luxe softness with the durability needed from high-performance workout apparel. 

Surplus Hoodie

The Surplus Hoodie matches perfectly in name and design with the style of our previously mentioned sweatpants. Heavyweight fleece ensures function and warmth in your garment, whether working out indoors or going outside for a scenic run.

Drop shoulders and rib knit at the cuffs serve to shape the silhouette of the garment. The kangaroo pouch provides storage while contributing to the classic appearance of the Surplus Hoodie.

Bungee accents are also represented in this offering. An adjustable cord at the waist makes creating your ideal silhouette a possibility and lets you change it contextually. 

USA Sweatshirt

Our USA Sweatshirt offers similar materials but instead has a Daniel Patrick and US flag logo on the left chest. Every garment in this line is built to help achieve an iconic sportswear look that’s distinctive in its own right.

Wearing Your Joggers Out

Nearly one hundred years since their first introduction, joggers are still going strong.  There are countless reasons for this being the case.

From an athletic perspective, they provide better coverage and more warmth than your usual pair of track pants. The flexibility and shape of the garment make it perfect to wear standalone or to layer up above other apparel. 

From a stylistic perspective, they make the transition across social contexts better than nearly any other type of garment. You can easily go from relaxing at home to a quick workout to errands to a night out with friends. It would be difficult to name a piece outside of sportswear that makes this possible.

The fundamentals behind what makes joggers popular are their sheer versatility and pure comfort. With the above list, you’re now going to be well-equipped to style your pieces for any context. Even if you choose to go with other pieces, the essentials behind pairing your gear can be applied broadly.


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